1000 Youtube Subscribers and Approved for the Youtube Partner Program!

Last Update: February 06, 2020

24 months has been full of milestones. I have been paying myself for one full quarter, I've reached 1000 email subscribers, I passed 1000 Youtube subscribers, I passed 4000 public watch hours of my content, and I've finally been approved to be apart of the Youtube Partner Program.

What is the Youtube Partner Program?

For those who don't know there are quite a few ways to make money on Youtube. You can do affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, sell services, and place ads on your videos.

Unfortunately, you can't start out making money with all of these ways. You have to first put out content that people are looking for (like what we're taught in the Online Entrepreneur Certification) and you have to be persistent enough that your channel grows. After you have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours, you can submit your channel for review.

Once Youtube reviews your channel and decides it's suitable for their partner program, you can monetize with ads.

Just 2 hours ago, I recieved a message from youtube saying:

Your channel Tiffany Domena, has passed the 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours (in the last 12 months) requirement of the YouTube Partner Program.

Your channel is not monetizing yet. Go to the Monetization section of YouTube Studio to check next steps.


The YouTube team

Then one hour ago, I recieved another message that says:

Congratulations -- your YouTube channel, Tiffany Domena, has been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program and is now able to monetize on YouTube!

To get you started, check out the YouTube Creator Hub so you can stay connected to the YouTube team and other Creators like you.

We also recommend reviewing the YouTube Help Center to learn more about monetizing on YouTube, including:

As with everything related to YouTube, use your common sense, don’t abuse the site, and be respectful of others when choosing what content to monetize.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

- The YouTube Team

How much can you make with ads?

The amount you make with ads depends on the topics that your videos are about. Some people make hundreds and some people make 10s of thousands. Of course the high end are the anomalies, but if you plan it right, it's reasonable to expect to make a couple thousand per month with Youtube ads. Topics that attract a buying audience tend to make more than channels that don't. Nursery rhymes and channels that entertain people who don't buy, don't make much money with ads.

The cool thing is this can be one revenue stream in addition to affiliate income, products, services, brand deals, and other options. It can really be awesome!

How long did it take me to Meet this Milestone?

I started my Youtube channel somewhere around March last year (2019). I did a post here sharing how I was scared, but I was going to do it anyway.

I started out by binge publishing content. Over time, I got to see what content was in the highest demand, and I kept publishing more of that.

Now what?

Now, I plan to go thru the links Youtube sent me and start monetizing my content.

Special Thanks

I want to give a special thanks to BenjisDad, Kyle, Carson, Jay, and all those who have supported me within this amazing community. Your support helped me to reach this goal.

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Desireoz2 Premium
You are very interesting at everything you do. Form now on I will be following you all over to learn from you. You are very intelligent and all your posts are boosting my knowledge up anytime I go through them. It is very beneficial to read you all the time. Thanks.
RDulloo Premium
Congratulations Tiffany! I’m so happy that you were accepted in the program. That’s a big milestone. You worked hard for it and it shows! You totally deserve all the success you can get.

I’m still working on getting my new laptop so hopefully, I will be able to start working on my Youtube Channel again very soon. It is one of my goals to get monetized this year. 😊

Wishing you the very best, as always, my dear!
TDenise Premium
Thanks so much! 2 years is an exciting phase in the business growth right?
A massive congratulations to you!!! :)

May I ask a very honest question? First off, I had a look at your channel - very nice. However, I can see that your highest video has only 6.1k views with all but 10 videos having under 1K with over half with under 20 views. Just quickly want to emphasize - I'm not picking here, but rather have genuine curiosity. :)

On my channel I have a few videos over the 15K mark and all over 2.5k and I'm probably only 1/4 the way to partner program status, which makes me curious the logistics of how you made this work?

Would I be correct in assuming because you have a few very lengthy videos (including a few of your higher view videos) and the gross quantity of videos you've published - is this what you feel helped you reach this threshold faster?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Congrats again - I admire how regularly you've managed to produce content; regular content has always been a struggle for me!
megawinner Premium
✨👍💥💖🌹✔😊💕 I agree!
TDenise Premium
It does sound like you’re picking considering how you used “only” and made generalized statements about “half”. I’m still happy with the outcome though.

Views isn’t what matters most. It’s how long people watch that matters. If you get 15k views but a few watch hours, it’s difficult to reach the threshold.

For me, I may have low views on some videos, but I’ve been blessed to run into people that will watch entirely and this makes a few views give a high number of watch hours.

I’d say consistency is important. I know some videos will do well and others won’t. I just keep going and let the market decide what sticks.
megawinner Premium
Very true, Tiffany 👍🆗✔⭐
Not picking at all. :) I'd use the term "only" for my 15K+ videos as well...as will I still when I have 100k videos; we are talking YouTube after all, where we are all tiny fish before we hit millions of views.

I appreciate your response; your statement about those who are willing to watch an hour-long video in it's entirely certainly sounds reasonable. Do you feel that because your video niche is educational, people are more likely to watch through an entire video than if it was purely entertainment and/or lightly informational?

Again, well done - I hope that unlocking the Partner Program benefits takes you to your next desired level! :)
TDenise Premium
No. I don’t think education gets more engagement than entertainment. I’d say it’s normally the opposite. It’s persistence and continually trying to do better than what I did before that probably is the best ingredient for me.
AndyTafalla Premium
Wow! How inspiring! I am still within my first month here at WA, and this gives me hope. I'll admit, it intimidates me too! But it aso inspires. It's my hope to someday be able to have the same amount of success (and of course more!) so that I can inspire others as well! Thanks so much for the post and encouragement! Also, I checked out your youtube channel and gave you another subscriber!

TDenise Premium
Thanks for your support Andy! I hope you accomplish all of your goals and more.
AlexEvans Premium
Wow, Tiffany, you should be feeling extremely proud, that is such a great achievement, and one that will inspire and motivate many of us.

Best wishes as you grow your YouTube presence and the rewards that it will continue to bring.

Look forward to reading more of your continued success.
TDenise Premium
Thanks Alex! I am proud. It's one step in the journey and each one counts.