Why Did You Join WA?

Last Update: February 28, 2021

I joined WA because of medical issues that make it very difficult for me to obtain a normal job. We have a program in the USA called Social Security. I currently receive benefits from this program. I would much prefer to make it on my own without dependance on the government. Medical costs here are insane and some additional income would be a life saver.

Plus, I am fast approaching retirement age.

The policies of our last government regarding retirement and medical care have left me embarassed to be an American.

WA is not the proper place to discuss politics, so I will stop here.

What I am curious about is why you have chosen to join WA. I have always had the dream of running my own business. In fact, for several years, I had a job where I worked out of my home. I slept in late every day and worked out in my home gym for an hour or so in the morning before starting work. I frequently ended up working late long after the sun had gone down, and oftentimes on weekends. This was just fine with me.

But good things don't always last, and I had to take a 9 to 5 job. Adding in driving time and dealing with the Kids (I was a single father with two daughters), I had to give up a lot of freedoms enjoyed by the self employed. I had no time for working out and lost a lot of hard earned muscle tone.

Not to mention time for my other interests, such as photography and clock making.

I also had to deal with car expenses, such as gas and oíl changes. It was also dificult finding time time to attend my Kids social events, like school plays and other events.

Just like most everyone else.

But the kids have long left the nest, so I no longer have to plan my days around school events. But I do miss them being around.

So WA looked íke a good option for me.

I don't mind the hard work, despite my medical issues.

If you have a similar story about why you joined WA, l I'd love to hear about it.


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CherryRed20 Premium
Sounds like a very good to reason to join WA.

I joined WA because I want to learn more ways to earn more money, so I can live independently. Eight years ago, I used to make money passively from just checking e-mails daily, even while I sleep until it stopped and I had to find a new job that requires a lot of researching until I found WA. Now....here I am.

Stay Safe,
Steve-Allen Premium
I joined WA after a stroke left me unable to remember what I'd learned about internet marketing a few years back. I decided that the internet is changing fast enough that the training here at WA would get me on the right track. I'm glad I did! Loving it so far!
richardgb Premium
Hi Terry
A great question. I think you may have read my profile already... if not:


My reasons are all there. :-).
JeffreyBrown Premium
I joined for the excellent hosting and to build some sites to promote my physical business interests, Terry!

Only1Hugh Premium
I joined WA to help me develop my ability to digitally transform companies