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Last Update: September 18, 2020

Hi everyone.

The smoke from the fires hasn't been too bad today (I live in the central coast area of California USA). A couple of days ago it was pretty much night for day, even though the nearest fire was a hundred or so miles away.

I am a bit of an electronics geek. A few years ago when a fire was raging nearby, I heard on my police scanner that my area was under evacuation order - 20 minutes or so later fire department officials showed up telling everyone in the neighborhood that they had to leave. Most of us stayed put. Pretty stupid in retrospect, but this is one of the downsides of living in the country and you get used to it. Earthquakes, however, freak me out. When the ground beneath your feet becomes unreliable, where else can you turn? Haven't had a big earthquake here in California in quite a while, but I'm sure I won't outlive the next one.

Anyway, not much point in worrying about that.

Just finished up another article for my website. It takes me about five hours (or more) to research and write up a 1,000 word post for my website. I have been sticking to things that I know at least something about, but sometimes I find myself on a tangent that leads me to new discoveries. Haven't made any money yet, but am learning lots of new things. For example: my niche is kitchen knives. I discovered that flint, a mineral like obsidian, is 100 times as sharp as a razor blade. It was used by ancient man as arrowheads and spear points. Flint is way too fragile to be truly practical, but was used by ancient man some 5,000 years ago until bronze was discovered.

Had no idea about this until I discovered this factoid during research for my website. And I have a degree from UCLA!

Viewed from a particular viewpoint, research for selling a product can turn into general knowledge that is oddly satisfying. By this I mean learning something new that gives us a sense of satsfaction within the ever growing complexities around us.

Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has had a similair experience.

If so, please chime in!


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EHR Premium
Hi Terry, I think I read at one time some surgical equipment is using obsidian, due to it being so incredibly sharp. Gene
LMH1968 Premium Plus
We don’t have any of these weather phenomena where we live. But we do have forest fires. Living on an island we see the helicopter go out and pick up sea water and then fly off to the fire. Luckily we don’t suffer from the smoke.
zydegeaux Premium
I have only experienced one earthquake. In Northern Virginia of all places. I was sitting facing the street in a small cafe when the building shook and it looked like the parked cars were bouncing up and down. Epicenter was over 200 miles away.

I prefer hurricanes. At least you get warnings when they are coming
anusuya1 Premium
The research keeps you moving forward. I like “Flint”.
GarryJam Premium Plus
I was in the middle of a flooded area of Brisbane Australia.
I was on a hill with water all around. Fortunate huh? (2012)

It was a man-made flood but nobody went to jail. They should have. Those guys in charge of the dam destroyed many people's lives in two cities.
Things are worse now. Our politicians are forcing the country into communism. A pregnant woman was dragged off to jail for a protest tweet.