The Drawbacks of Too Much Perfection

Last Update: August 02, 2020

There is a saying which I believe originated in France. It goes something like this: The enemy of the good is perfection.

What this means is that sometimes in our search for perfection, we end up never finishing our projects. Take my web site, for example. I make all effort to make sure grammar and spelling are correct. But I keep finding graphics that are a little off or an image that is a little blurry. Some of my posts seem a little too long or wordy. The natural human response is to want to correct everything before putting a new page online.

But I am finding that my progress has slowed to a snail's pace when trying to get things just right. I've decided not to get stuck on this, but rather to keep moving forward. I can always come back and correct later (my site isn't exactly bringing in lots of potential customers just yet). The important thing is to get my website up and running (and hopefully brining in some profit). If I try to fix everything right now, I'll be a very old man by the time I am finished.Heck, I may never finish. Major mess ups must be fixed of course - customers will definitely notice those and probably never visit the site again. I am still learning WA's framework and tend to learn new things every day. This is a better strategy than attempting to fix every last thing, including graphics that are a couple of pixels off.

My strategy moving forward is to create more websites with different niches which should bring in more cash. But the key here are the words "moving forward." Never stand still, or even worse, move backwards.

What do you all out there in WA land feel about this? Do you find youself getting stuck while trying to make everything "perfect"?


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Wingrunner Premium
Maybe it seems like too much perfectionism to you because you have some idea what you're trying to accomplish with your skills. :-)

To those of us who come on board with hardly a clue, your skills and knowledge are part of an amazing pool that helps us all grow and learn to think about the processes that are carrying us forward.

In fact, I think you just inspired my next blog!

So, thank you. Nothing gets wasted here!

JeffreyBrown Premium
Not at all! I learned a long time ago that perfection doesn't exist! I get something out there and run with it! If I discover it needs a tweak, then I take care of it!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
My website is not perfect it’s functional and easy to navigate.
Great post thank you very much for sharing
Pkizito1 Premium
I thought everyone would love to be perfect? what is wrong with you being so perfect?
Hackerist Premium
Kyle has a great answer to your question: Tom
GeoffreyC1 Premium
What is perfection anyway Terry. No matter how many times I would check an article, I would always find something to change. So it gets to a stage where you just have to accept it as finished and be done.
tdbabineaux Premium
My point exactly. Thanks! Terry