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Last Update: July 28, 2020

I'd like to say thank you to my followers. Don't know about all of you guys, but your support has proven invaluable. One of the big turn offs for me in the past has been flaming - lots of negative attitude which turned me off to social networking. I have experienced none of that here at WA.

We're all swimming in a pool of opportunity. I haven't finished my first website yet but am brimming with ideas for my next one. Which I guess is the silver lining to the covid cloud. I am quite used to working out of my home, which is a problem for some people, but not me.

I wish all of you success in your endeavours!

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Eugene Premium Plus
This is the best community ever
tdbabineaux Premium
I agree!
JeffreyBrown Premium
A very large pool of opportunity, indeed!

JaneMahlehle Premium
Keep pushing forward and go for it! I wish you all the best. Jane