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February 06, 2021
My niche is kitchen knives. I have 15 or so articles on my website covering everything from the history of kitchen knives to how to sharpen them. Am just about ready to start working with social media and need more content.But I'm out of ideas! I thought about writing something about swords (a long kitchen knife lol) such as the legend of king Arthur that site visitors might be interested in. But after a little research, my idea proved too daunting for a simple blog post.There is an article tha
December 08, 2020
This will be a very short post. I've been trying to figure out why my site isn't showing up in search results (I've looked at upwards of 30 pages of search results - no sign of my site) and stumbled across this: is a pretty long document, but I learned quite a bit on my first casual perusal.Hope it is useful!
November 04, 2020
I frequently look at other websites looking for new keywords. One site in particular interested me. It was pretty short and consisted of a bunch of quotes touting specific products. It did not appear to be 1,000 words long. But what it it did have was several dozen links arranged in no particular order. This site jumped between page one or two in google search results over the last few months. Today, it didn't appear in the top search results at all (page one or two). Is this the result of goog
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September 18, 2020
Hi everyone.The smoke from the fires hasn't been too bad today (I live in the central coast area of California USA). A couple of days ago it was pretty much night for day, even though the nearest fire was a hundred or so miles away. I am a bit of an electronics geek. A few years ago when a fire was raging nearby, I heard on my police scanner that my area was under evacuation order - 20 minutes or so later fire department officials showed up telling everyone in the neighborhood that they had to
August 27, 2020
I was doing some research for a new article I am writing for my website and discovered some interesting things about Google.Google looks at about 200 things when it ranks a website. They tweak their algorithms nearly daily without notice. I don't know if any nof you have seen this, but I've seen websites ranking on the first page, then to the second or third page. Then back to the first page. This could be caused by the writer changed things, or by changes in the Google algorithms. It also look
August 07, 2020
Had to say good bye to a dear friend. After ten years of faithful service, my Sony Vaio finally died. She was quite the queen ten years ago with her quad core processor, assertive and noisy fan, and lots of heat, too much to hold her in my lap. I am a very serious photographer and use photoshop a lot. Vaio never complained, even when color matching across two printers using a photospectrometer. She ran photoshop like a champ. If you've ever run photoshop, you know you need speed, not unlike the
There is a saying which I believe originated in France. It goes something like this: The enemy of the good is perfection.What this means is that sometimes in our search for perfection, we end up never finishing our projects. Take my web site, for example. I make all effort to make sure grammar and spelling are correct. But I keep finding graphics that are a little off or an image that is a little blurry. Some of my posts seem a little too long or wordy. The natural human response is to want to
Have been with WA coming up on three months now. Just got another message that my latest content has been found by google. My ranking is still in the nosebleeed section, but I am planning on that improving as I move on. I'd like to get this buttoned up soon, as I am full of ideas for my next website (I think WA allows you up to ten sites, outside of course purchasing a new domain name).I am truly amazed by my experience here so far. I was initially put off by lack of phone numbers to call for s
July 28, 2020
I'd like to say thank you to my followers. Don't know about all of you guys, but your support has proven invaluable. One of the big turn offs for me in the past has been flaming - lots of negative attitude which turned me off to social networking. I have experienced none of that here at WA.We're all swimming in a pool of opportunity. I haven't finished my first website yet but am brimming with ideas for my next one. Which I guess is the silver lining to the covid cloud. I am quite used to worki
July 27, 2020
Hey everyone. This will be a super short post. Check your smartphone to see what your content will look like on a mobile device. Things that look great on your computer may not look so great on your phone, and may require some editing. Graphics especially may display out of whack. If you don't have a smart phone, the firefox browser comes with a feature that lets you see what your content will look like on a phone.If this is a problem for you, let me know and I will be more than happy to point