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Last Update: July 24, 2020

I've spent many years helping people with computer issues. I don't know how many of you out there remember programs such as Wordstar and Lotus 123 (my age is showing). But since then, I can't count the number of people who would spend hours changing and fiddling with settings on their computer. Once things were completely screwed up, they would finally call me. I would ask them what they did to help me fix the problem. Their response was invairably "I didn't do anything! It's the computer's fault!" My ex wife did this once. She changed the settings for sound input to digital, which took about half an hour to fix. I would try to explain that in order to help me fix the original problem, it wouuld be helpful to tell me what they did or change to help fix their problem. The response was just about always "I didn't do anything!"

People would sometimes get very angry. They thought I had some sort of magic wand I could wave and make everything right. I recall one especially "fun" episode when a TV producer called me (I was working for a film entertainment company at the time). His monitor wasn't working and he was ANGRY. We're talking cursing, yelling, veins popping. the whole nine yards. I make my way to his office. He was one angry puppy, blaming me for his problems, that I was delaying his latest project and all sorts of other things. The problem was quickly diagnosed. His monitor was switched off! He never apologized for his behavior, but I could tell he felt like a total idiot. As for me, I felt totally vindicated.

The reason I remember all this is because I was having some problems working on my WA website. I was getting all sorts of errors while working on my website. The ATT store is a five minute walk from where I live. I went over there to find out what was going on. Turns out the prblems were caused by work on the cell antenas which were being changed to make way for 5G.

But this morning a whole new set of problems presented themselves. I called ATT. No help. I googled the problem and still no help. I decided to reset my phone (I use my phone for WiFi connectivity). Voila! Success!

One thing that's really great about WA is the response time. The last time I needed help was over the weekend. I was prepared to wait until monday, but the next day (even though it was Sunday) came the assistance.

Great job, guys. If the rest of the world operated the same way, what an improvement it would be.

As a side note, ATT has a support page that gives a url to go to if your internet isn't working. I've seen this before. How the BLEEP are you supposed to visit a page if your internet connecion is broken? ATT apparently has separate pages for support numbers. They also make use of robot voices, what I call "customer avoidance systems".

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I think everyone has felt your pain concerning robo assist call centers! I'm glad you got the issue sorted!

Easy-Moneys Premium
How about manually filled in computer cards with pendil filling in between the numbered lines...then feeding these computer cards into the massive entire room "machine" that noone seemed to understand much!!! That was 1974 to 1979 at my High School!
tdbabineaux Premium
I used cassette tape. It took forever and only worked 1/3 of the time.