Slow Going

Last Update: March 02, 2021

There are lots of ways to make money online. You just have to look for them and do the work.

There is a guy out here named John Crestani. He claims to have made millions on the internet. He has published lots of videos. I find him rather arrogant and not such a good teacher ( he just started his own series of classes for, I believe, $900 a year). However, his videos are worth a look for new ideas.

I understand that videos can be quite powerful. But I lack the self confidence to get into videos right now. Who wants to see my ugly mug? :-)

Another WA member turned me on to an internet site called "whatsmyserp". It is very helpful because I don't have the money to sign up for Premium Plus (I may sign up when I get my Covid incentive check from the government). It ranks your keywords out to a hundred pages or so. They have a free version which lets you track 10 keywords. The paid version ($4 a month) lets you track as many keywords as you like. The free version of jaaxy only ranks on page one, Which is not very useful. I tried some of my keywords in whatsmyserp and was ranking at around 50 pages or so. Not good. So I have some work to do. Plus, Google appears to not have indexed several of my pages (I understand that you can make a site map that helps Google find all of your pages - I assume the WA training talks about this at some point).

I have read that many, if not most, people would quit at this point. But not me. I'm sure other people at WA have had similar problems. I guess you just have to keep pushing ahead.

It is difficult finding good keywords in my niche, but I'm sure I'll eventually find something that works. Once I find a decent keyword, I can usually whip up a post pretty quickly. I also need to re-do my home page. it is not very friendly. This of course is slowing things down, but it has to be done if I am going to achieve any level of success (I have been making websites both personally and professionally since the internet first came out and can code them up directly in HTML, so I know a bit about what makes a good website).

WordPress has a feature that allows you to add HTML directly to your post, which I think I'll try one of these days. You can also code in PHP, the language WordPress was written in. This, however, is very dangerous. If you do this, WordPress makes you sign a waiver that says if you break something, it's not their fault. So I think I'll leave this alone, even though I know PHP qu

ite well.

I also spend some time looking at other people's sites for ideas and keywords. However, very few of them are blogs. So I have to do some mental translation to figure out how some of these ideas would work as content on my site.

I recently added all the friend requests I've received over the years to my Facebook account. I now have several thousand "friends", which seems to be a good way to establish a social presence with my site on the web. (I knew there was a reason to not delete these things). The only problem is that I am receiving lots of chat reqests. Most of these are from women looking for a "hook up", what ever that is. I simply don't have time to respond to dozens, if not hundreds, of chat requests. Except, of course, those from family and real friends.

I have about five more product reviews to write, plus a few more posts, to round out my website. The going is pretty slow right now, but it will soon get better. So in a way, it's good that my site is ranking so poorly right now - it's not quite ready for the big leagues

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JeffreyBrown Premium
You'll get there, Terry! Well done!

Newme202 Premium
Slow and steady, that's you at the moment Terry
I believe Hugh's suggestion is excellent
Another excellent suggestion is they using the alphabet soup of Jaaxy AND Google Autosuggest
I hope it will all be sorted out for you
tdbabineaux Premium
I actually put my site up for review a couple of months ago. And got some great feedback. Of course the site has grown a lot since then. Now would be a good time to put it up for another look.

Newme202 Premium
I think you should do that Terry but Hugh and I were referring to asking a question regarding brainstorming keywords where members would be able to assist you in needed keywords for your niche
Only1Hugh Premium
Maybe you should throw it out to the community to suggest some keywords. Fresh eyes and different experiences might prove useful
tdbabineaux Premium
Yeah, a second pair of eyes is invauable.

Steve-Allen Premium
At least you're not quitting. That is a HUGE part of success. Just keep at it and keep asking questions so you can get whatever help you need. Go for it!
CherryRed20 Premium
At least you are making progress that will help your website and create more content.