Last Update: June 07, 2020

I am curious as to what other WA members experiences has been regarding making mistakes. Sometimes I feel like I've made every mistake possible!

But I've managed to get the skeleton of my website up and running and am entering the bold new world of SEO.

But as they say, practice makes perfect. I think we are all afraid at least a little bit of messing things up. But I try to look at mistakes as a learning process. It is no fun for sure trying to find out what I did wrong when things go awry.

But it's all part of the game. After a while it becomes almost like muscle memory - you learn what does what and things start going much faster than when you first started. The mistakes in an odd way prove to be helpful.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
We all make them, Terry! It's how we learn, my friend!

Justin250 Premium
Mistakes are learning experiences for sure!
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