Loss of a computer

Last Update: August 07, 2020

Had to say good bye to a dear friend. After ten years of faithful service, my Sony Vaio finally died. She was quite the queen ten years ago with her quad core processor, assertive and noisy fan, and lots of heat, too much to hold her in my lap. I am a very serious photographer and use photoshop a lot. Vaio never complained, even when color matching across two printers using a photospectrometer. She ran photoshop like a champ. If you've ever run photoshop, you know you need speed, not unlike the speed you need to play modern games. The games I used to play were not what is in vogue today, no shooting, no blasting, and no bloody remains spattered across the screen. (My ex girlfriend's son used to spend every moment playing video games, the shooting and blasting type. The violence in these sorts of games is truly disturbing). I especially enjoyed a game called Myst, which is kind of an adventure game that you get through by solving puzzles. No blasting, no blood no gore. Vaio handled these games with ease. But her most important job was running Photoshop. She was fast enough to handle Photoshop which has features called filters, which can bring a computer to its knees if it isn't fast enough. Vaio handled these quite well. And man did she get hot. And her battery, on a good day, was good for 2 hours. But I still loved her. I was using her once at the library when smoke started coming out of the exhaust port. I immediately shut her down, took her home and cleaned out the cooling ducts with a brush. I figured that the cooling fan inhaled something that got snagged up in the fan. So after cleaning, there was no more smoke. But she still got seriously hot and her cooling fan was,well, way too noisy. But I still loved her.

One time, she fell out of her case and landed from about 4 feet on one of her corners on a concrete floor. This happened at the same library. I let out some explatives that I won't repeat here (am surprised they didn't ban me from the library). As for Vaio, she wasn't fazed and kept right on working.

I virus checked her regularly. Kept up with all the Windows updates. And she rewarded me with some gorgeous photos I took in France, Hawaii, and Australia. I actually sold a lot of these photos.

But she is gone now and I need to find a replacement. I purchased a "WalMart Special" specifically for my work at WA. I used my incentive from Uncle Sam. There was plenty of money left over to pay for a year at WA. And there is enough of that money still left over for a nice dinner or two (when the restaurants finally reopen).

Soon, I will be looking for Vaio's replacement.

Will miss the old gal. Ten years is a pretty good run for a computer.

So let's raise our glasses and toast the old and make way for the future!

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zydegeaux Premium
I had a Sony Vaio laptop about 20 years ago. Believe it or not with the extra ram I put in it cost me over $4000. Had Windows 98 on it. I wish I still had it.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I hope you get a suitable replacement!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
They were great machines. Her service will forever be remembered
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Lol. Did it get to sit at the table when you were eating your dinner.
tdbabineaux Premium
Bolupe Premium
I have similar memories of my Sony Vaio. She was actually 11 years old when she died finally at the beginning of the lockdown. Cheers to our old friend.