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Last Update: February 06, 2021

My niche is kitchen knives. I have 15 or so articles on my website covering everything from the history of kitchen knives to how to sharpen them. Am just about ready to start working with social media and need more content.

But I'm out of ideas! I thought about writing something about swords (a long kitchen knife lol) such as the legend of king Arthur that site visitors might be interested in. But after a little research, my idea proved too daunting for a simple blog post.

There is an article that appears on Google page one or two (those darn Google algorithms). It is not a blog. It consists of a few thousands words of text. At the bottom of the page are dozens of links. Since this page ranks so well, I use this site for keyword ideas. A lot of the links point to recipes, at least the links I have looked at. As an amature chef (hense my interest in kitchen knives) I'll probably create a post or two containing recipes. But I don't think this sort of post will hold interest for very long (the page I am referring to has diappeared. This has happened before and the page eventually returns). There are already just short of a zillion sites about recipes.

An idea for a new post hit me on the way to the supermarket this morning, but I obviously can't rely on this for content ideas.

I am writing lots of product reviews, but I don't see much value in posting these to social media (I could be wrong about this - might have to try it and see what happens).

So I'm kind of stuck. I'm hung up on the training because it requires the constant posting of new content.

So where do you guys get ideas for content? Do you look at other websites for inspiration or do ideas just pop into your head? Or do you do something entirely different?

I'd really love to get some feedback on this.


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TheCatherine Premium Plus
my od chef kits had over 200 knives so there are many different types of knive s
PaulWatson Premium Plus
I would suggest taking a look at all the possibilities that people may look for in knives and then vary all of them:

3 best fishing knives
3 best paring knives
3 best butcher's knives
3 best bread knives
3 best filleting knives
3 best knives for steak
3 best knives for fish
3 best electric knives

Then review each of the 3 and then a post on how to sharpen each (process may be similar and you can plagiarise your own posts) but people do search for individual options.

Then compare electric and traditional knives

Then a series on "how to use a butcher's knife for filleting fish" or "how to use a fishing knife to carve a roast" (which we do when we are camping) for example for those of us who have one knife only.

I hope this helps and the trick I have found is to take a single option and think of every question someone will ask. Don't forget that you are also targeting those of us who cook with one knife only - Oh, another post: If you could only choose one knife - what would it be?

Hope this helps

tdbabineaux Premium
This helps a lot. You've presented some things that I hadn't considered.
ChrisM21 Premium
most of my content comes from experience and doing work in my niche - regarding kitchen knives - I have been blown away by the quality of Cutco kitchen knives - we had one that was melted by the heating element in the dishwasher and they replaced it. I was thrilled - that may provide some food for thought.

Hope that helps
philmedia Premium Plus
Have you tried using alphabet soup on jaaxy, ( just did a search and there were a lot! ) plus "answer the public" is good and you get two free searches per day. I am always curious how left handed people use a right handed way to eat... but that's me.. type in hashtag #knives on twitter but don't get arrested... good luck, Phil
tdbabineaux Premium
Thanks. Am just starting to get my stuff on social media platforms.

As a side note, don't know if you'e ever been to France, but they use both hands, left or right, doesn"t matter, to eat. One hand holds a knife, the other holds a fork. I was in Paris several years ago having lunch with my then girlfriend and some of her friends, one of whom commented that "I eat like an American". Americans typically eat with one hand, using the other only to cut meat or whatever else needs cutting. In France, both hands are used, the hand using the knife used to transfer food to the fork for eating.

I remember being taught as a child that using both hands like this is rude.

Well, you know what they say. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Again, thanks for the feedback.

JeffreyBrown Premium
You might try ask the or on Google under "People also ask"