Are You Frustrated?

Last Update: May 13, 2021

Everyone gets frustrated once in a while. Maybe your neighbors are playing music just a bit too loud. Maybe your computer has started doing funny things and you are way back in the queue for customer support. Maybe your kid did something stupid at school and his teacher wants you to come in to discuss the matter. Perhans you are trying to write a blog, but the ideast just aren't flowing. Maybe you just got a traffic ticket. Or any one or two of a hundred different things.

I'm getting frustrated right now. My phone won't stop ringing because of all those %$&! robodialers. They start calling at 8 in the morning. I turn the ringer off and don't answer the phone anymore unless I recognize the number or it's from somebody in my contacts list.

If you are trying to work while frustrated, you'l find that your work will suffer. As for me, if I'm trying to write some content while very frustrated, I tend to start rushing to hit that magic 1000 word mark. The results sometimes suck and have to be re-written.

Over the years, I've learned a few tricks.

The first thing to do is put your computer to sleep and step away from it (don't worry, your work will still be waiting for you when you get back to it, unless you have some friendly gremlins who'll do the work for you :-) ).

So what's next? Here are some suggestions from things I have done myself:

Take a nice long walk. This works pretty well, especially if you have a dog keeping you company.

I read a lot and sometimes have a book or two sitting around that I haven't finished reading yet. I knock a few chapters off and I'm ready to go.

Sometimes I watch a few videos from YouTube channels that I like.

Meditation works really well. I learned how to do this many, many years ago when I was in college. The idea is to clear your head and become one with the world around you. I sometimes get put off by all the noise around me (lots of traffic and the occassional missile launch - I live near Vandenburg Air Force base, one of the places the Air Force uses to launch things into space and test nukes - these launches are LOUD), but that's part of the world around me and therefore part of the awareness I try to achieve.

I used to be into bio fedback. Electronics was one of my hobbies, so I designed and built my own equipment - heart rate monitors, brain wave monitors, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember right now.

Indulging in a hobby can help.

One of my hobbies now is restoring old clocks. The earliest clock I refurbished dates to 1820 or so. I can spent an hour working on one of my clocks and frequently find the frustration gone. I buy a lot of old, broken clocks from EBay, garage sales, antique stores, wherever. I once bought a clock from EBay advertised as broken. When I got it, it actually worked. So I had no reason to have fun taking it apart (you know the old saying - if it ain't broke, don't fix it). I joked with my then girlfriend "I have to send this back! It's actually working!").

Watching videos of performances of my favorite music can help.

But my all time favorite is doing what I call "getting lost on purpose." I'd load up my truck with my photography gear and take off with no particular destination in mind. If I see a road coming up that I've never driven on before, I might turn up this road just to see if it leads to something interesting. I've discovered all sorts of interesting things to photograph. And yes, have gotten lost a couple of times. If I want to get hard core about it, I leave my phone at home.

At the time, I was living in the country on a five acre ranch. I could almost always find something interesting to photograph. Now, I live in the city. As for finding new things, not so much. Maybe one of these days I can move back into the boondocks.

After doing one or two of these things, I'm usually ready to get back to work. Which obviously is one of the great benefits of running your own show (neither do you have to pee in bottles and poop in bags like Amazon workers do because it's not time for their break).

Hope you all got something useful out of this.


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JeannineC Premium
Actually planned to take a walk a little later this morning. You read my mind!
CherryRed20 Premium
I know how you feel about the robodialers. 😂
That usually annoys me too that I just turn my ringer off to silent unless I check to see whose calling.

Those antique clocks are a charm.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Thank you, Terry! I could envision everything you were talking about in my mind's eye! A very wonderful write-up, my friend!

Newme202 Premium
I love this write up, Terry
If I am frustrated, I do some of your suggestions
But the main thing that work for me is either intense exercise

Yes I can do workouts all day at the gym, I'm that addicted
Play love songs all day
That immediately break my mood
Knowing what to do is the trick and magic that will allow you to become rejuvenated in no time
tdbabineaux Premium

I'm a little too self conscience to go to a gym. When I was self employed, I would work out every day except Sunday (my day off). I had all the exercise stuff I needed at home. One of my goals was to bench press 200 lbs, about 91 kilos (I think). I got up to 195 lbs. Not all that much, really. But a lot for me! If I added just 5 lbs to hit 200, I couldn't lift it!

If I went to a gym, I'm sure I could have found a trainer to help me reach my goal, or more.

Oh well.

I took a new job. Between that and the kids, I couldn't find the time to work out anymore.

Newme202 Premium
Oh, Terry
I'm sure you could bench press 200 lbs now
You don't have to go to a gym. You can do it at home

Now that you have all the time to do so.
You can watch YouTube videos and see how it goes