Sometimes it is not a terrible idea to take a break!

Last Update: January 08, 2017

A few months back, I was despairing about the state of my website. I had been working hard for months but had not seen any rewards. I got really upset at one point and stopped working on my stroller site and started a second site.

Before taking a break from my first site, I had hit writers block; my brain just froze and I couldn't come up with new ideas.

Two months later, I decided to go to my stroller site and try again. This time I picked a good keyword, wrote a great content of about 1500 words and posted it. Within hours, I was ranking on the first page of google. A month later, I made my first referal.

Things slowed down again but this time I didn't panic. I did my research and found three good keywords that all ranked on the first page of google in just weeks. Now I get substantial traffic to my website daily.

I am happy I took a break and cleared my head. Taking a break is not quiting; it is an opportunity to relax and come back strong.

Work smart and hard but not too hard!

Cheers Denise

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SowAndReap Premium Plus
Congrats, we have good days and bad days, that goes for anything we want to achieve in life. It's all about keep on keeping on. I'm so excited for you. Keep pushing it Denise. :))
tatihden Premium
Thanks Evelyn
MKearns Premium
Site's always better on a rebound Denise!
gbsun Premium
Sometimes you just got to let things sit and rest a bit until you're ready to give it 100%.
tatihden Premium