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I'm really interested in what social media you are using? Is It Successful for your niche?There is so much social media available today and its a mind field to figure out what works and why as each social media platform has it's own flavour and style of how you go about engaging and connecting with others and creating followers.To date I use:LinkedIn - My profile needs updating with my new Digital Savvy Publishing business. A great site for a professional profile especially if you are in sales
Wow! This is such a profound statement. Fear can be so crippling. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of not being good enough. Fear that you'll try but it won't work. I guess we all feel fear at some time or another. With the WA training I'm learning that taking action is a great antidote to fear. That's it. TAKE ACTION. Get out of your comfort zone.And you know what? It's ok to fail. Fail forward and get back on your feet and try again!Here is to your greatness and success.
Wow! Choosing a WordPress website... Where to start?Keep it simple. What is the purpose of your website? Is it a newsletter, a review website, an e-commerce website, a magazine or a blog. I choose blog.Free or Premium? Is it Free or Premium. I choose Premium with my WA Premium membership.Research and explore the WordPress Themes available. So much to choose from. I researched magazines, affiliate and blogs.Choose your top 5 WordPress Templates. I choose a shortlist my top 5 WordPress templates
It's only been 6 weeks and Yes! Carpe Diem! Black Friday Yearly Membership! I'm all in. During the last 6 weeks, training, reading and learning everything I can, I realised a number of key points:Commitment - WA is a long-term business strategy to reach online success. I'm looking at investing TIME and EFFORT to build my website over the next year to 2 years to reach the level of success I wish to achieve. Hey! What the heck! May even become a lifelong WA member ;) WA is not a fast cash scam th
Reading WA Blogs: I find reading blogs that offer insight in to learning about building a website business, tips and strategies so helpful. It reinforces the training and helps fast track the learning. I also enjoy the personal development type blogs that are inspiring and motivational as well as the ones that offers you a personal insight in to another WA's life. One way to get more out of reading a blog is to engage with the writer, and build relationships with other WA members, whether it's
How to go from Stuck to Unstuck?Nothing like having mini-breakthrough moments... Being a newbie is exciting but can be a little overwhelming if not quite daunting at first.Where did I get stuck? I got stuck on select a Niche... I'm interested in so many different topics it was like Arrrghh! So I have spent the last 20 days or so thinking about what niche would I love to write about, create great content and be inspired by helping others. First mini-breakthrough - Due Diligence: by researching a
By Day 2 I'm hooked on Wealthy Affiliate! The platform looks amazing, gives you everything you need for an online business and the WA community is warm, inviting and helpful! The pay-forward action of helping others is awesome!In the last 2 years I have tried 2 MLM companies unsuccessfully. Even though I'm in Sales, Business Development and Marketing I just couldn't convert people, mainly my friends and family. So I'd loose interest yet, spend lots of dollars to be a part of something that just