Benefits of Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

Last Update: April 21, 2016
  • Flexible Work Hours Tasker Virtual Assistants are happy to work whenever you need us, 24/7. Since we are a global our Taskers are committed to working days nights or weekends to meet your schedule. In traditional office settings, staff probably only pass for functional during 9 – 5 hours .
  • Downsizing Office-Space & Equipment, Tasker It Virtual Assistants work from home thereby using their own office equipment, you don’t have to pay for office supplies. Virtual Assistants shoulder those expenses. They have personal equipments such as; computers, printers, faxes and so on to use to provide services to you. Moreover,you have a scalable cog in your business machine a Virtual Assistant on your team. When the work is done by a “virtual” team, your local office & equipment costs are the same whether you have 1 or 1,000 VAs!
  • Free Yourself Hire a virtual assistant to focus on time consuming, mundane and repetitive tasks. Create a weekly to-do list of tasks and have your Tasker complete it for you. Train your tasker to take the burden, and never worry about those dreaded tasks again. We can easily shave hours off your work day.
  • Cure Employee-Related Headaches No Drama, no Benefits, Insurance, etc). You don’t have to worry about the complexities of hiring & managing a bunch of employees.
  • Keep A VA On Call As Your Own Personal Helper and never be stranded. All you need is access to one of these: TIVA app, phone, email, internet or any other communication vehicle to notify your Virtual Assistant. Your headed home and remember you needed someone to make a quick call and reschedule a delivery? Send a voice message to our Tasker with the TIVA App. You need to re-order some office supplies to be delivered overnight? The most creative & useful tasks for your VA won’t come from dreaming them up in advance … they’ll come from everyday life.

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SHopkins Premium
Virtual Assistants are AWESOME! I'd know, considering that is what I do for a living! Thank you for educating everyone!


camandche Premium
Yes another great post thanks!
Mac01 Premium
I was just thinking today of writing a blog on outsourcing.. I never would have thought of a Virtual Assistant though! Great post. :)