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Is it any benefits to use paid version of ewww image plugin?
Does anybody use paid version of EWWW Image Optimizer plugin? it costs…
1 year ago 2 Replies
Many ranking changes because of major google updates?
Is anybody experiencing many pages and posts ranking changes for last…
2 years ago 2 Replies
How to fix the correct publisher code for googleadsense?
Hello everyone, I received from Google AdSense such email warning (pl…
2 years ago 1 Reply
Should I include tags and categories in xml sitemap?
Should I include in XML sitemap plugin categories, tages and archives.…
2 years ago 5 Replies
How to remove from someones youtube video description my website url which was used without my autho
Yesterday I found out that someone’s YouTube video has my website…
2 years ago 8 Replies
How can I insert smartart from word into a new wordpress?
Please need help with the following:1. How can I insert SmartArt, graphics…
5 years ago 5 Replies