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It's not so much that I don't have ideas for new articles, I have many, however my main competitors take over page one and 2 of google. And these competitors are amazon, toysrus, walmart, ebay and other specialty stores. I have found many great keywords for products I want to write articles about. They have a decent search volume and low competition, however I can't see how I will ever get on page one or 2 of google when I am up against the big e-commerce sites.Can anyone offer any suggestion
I have noticed that over the past 2 weeks when I log into webmaster tools (main dashboard), it is no longer showing me impressions. It only shows the blue column of URL's submitted. I actually think there used to also be a URL's indexed column.Here is a picture of what it looks like:Does anyone know why the other info might have disappeared?
I received a comment today on my website that was marked as Spam by anti-spam bee. Since the antispam bee plugin tells you why it was marked as spam I saw that the reason was "fake IP address". The comment seemed genuine and related to the post. I did a search for the IP address and it looks legit so I approved the comment. I did notice that the person left a URL for their website which sells a similar product to what my post was about. He did not mention this in the comment. I just rem
Hello all,I am still really struggling to understand Google webmaster tools and what certain errors mean. Most recently I was asking about blocked resources. You can see this here: still have blocked resources after making adjustments that were recommended by some great WA members. However, I have a new issue now. It seems that I have 20 crawl errors (404 - page not found). When I clicked on it to see what the errors were I became even
I just learned about the site Zergnet. I had a quick look at it and they claim to send you traffic for free. The website is quite appealing and looks legit but I never know these days. So before creating an account I thought I would see if anyone has heard of this site or even used it.The link is if you want to check it out. If it is not ok to post this link here, can someone let me know so that I can remove it.Looking forward to your responses!
Finally, after 7 months at WA I am able to post that someone has actually purchased a product that I promote through my website! I made $5.24 in commission. While the money isn't much it still makes me happy that someone bought something based on my recommendation. I have made a few other sales here and there (totaling a few dollars) but they were for other products that amazon carries. So if you have doubts, hang in there! Hopefully more sales will start happening soon.
I just realized that it has been quite a while since I have gotten any email notifications when someone asks a question or responds to one of my comments. I have gone to my account settings and everything is enabled and checked off.I was starting to think that nobody is asking questions or replying to my comments, but after some digging both of these are going on, but I am no longer being notified via email. I have checked my spam folder and nothing has been going there.Is this happening to a
I recently received an email from someone asking to be a guest blogger on my site. I am looking for the expertise from WA members on what I should be on the lookout for.I was planning on responding by asking to see some sample articles or a link to this persons site (it was not provided in the email).She also didn't state what the article would be about, so I need to find that out as well.Would it be a good idea to find out if the article she wishes to submit has been previously published? An
October 06, 2015
My theme was recently updated and I noticed that my font size had reverted back to being quite small. When I first installed my theme, I spent quite some time figuring out how to make the font size of my posts a bit bigger. I finally figured it out thanks to this training by Nathaniell, when I updated the theme and tried to change the font again, nothing happened. No matter what I did the font stayed the same.So I decided to cont
I just realized that when I look at my posts it shows oldest comments first with most recent ones at the end. For some reason, this does not seem right to me. When I go to a site I would like to see the most recent comments first. I don't care all that much what someone said in 2011.The more recent the comment the more relevant. Now that is just my opinion. I started paying closer attention to comments when I went to other people's sites and found that some do have the most recent comments firs