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Building a new business from the ground up is a daunting experience.The volume of information and learning is overwhelming.I woke up this morning after a stimulating meeting, feeling that I had more questions than answers. My brain felt it had been on an ultra marathon.It got me thinking about different perspectives learned from personal experience.Put Things Into PerspectiveThe fact that I cannot tell my left from my right was brought to my attention when my children reached double digits in a
In February 2017 I was driving down the road trying to compute how I could quit twice within the space of six months.Winners never quit and quitters never win - Right - NO wrong.I have not looked back and regretted either decision. This is in hindsight.At the time my ego needed some TLC and this motto was born:-I Am Good At What I DoI Can Do AnythingIt Is What I Choose To do That MattersWithin a month Wealthy Affiliate fell out the sky and exploded into my lap.I am on an exhilarating voyage of
2017 was a year of leaping into the unknown by venturing into the wide world of online business. It has been an exceptional experience of accelerated learning.My motto set the sail for an incredible learning curve that is evolving daily. It is an invigorating and exciting journey.I am good at what I doI can do anythingIt is what I choose to do that matters"Going to University Without Paying The FeesI booked into Wealthy Affiliate, clicked the green button to begin the Certification Course and t
The Wealthy Affiliate platform offers incredible opportunity. It is exciting and invigorating to have a diverse range of people leading from the front and we as followers are learning from the best.Bopiton is a mighty man of experience and has a generous spirit, he is blazing a trail of how to get a group of people highly motivated and willing to knuckle down and follow his instruction and reap the rewards of success.The groups first assignment was to listen to Kyle's webinar https://my.wealthy
Kyle's webinar was packed with important information which he shared in his first webinar.I have whittled down five important points from 14 years of experience which I would like to share with you.1. Put People FirstDo not take the human factor out. People are your business. Provide people with a service.PEOPLE = TRAFFIC = SUCCESS2. Building A Successful Business Takes TimeWe need to lay down the fundamentalsFocus on doing things to build up authority3. Do Not Over Complicate ThingsKeep it sim
I so enjoyed Kyle's blog about "I could have only dreamed of this when starting out"Having built a business, I can relate to how it takes determination, commitment and focus to achieve success. Wealth Affiliate is an incredible success story.My journey to build a successful online business is one of extreme challenge of which I am thoroughly enjoying.I have set priorities straight. This is after an experience of delving into an MLM and not recouping the investment made. My credit rating and tr
November 20, 2017
After learning to back up my website, rookie error, I managed to delete it. After recovering from a full blown panic, although Site Support would have assisted me in restoring it, I decided to rebuild.Using information supplied by the multitude of Wealthy Affiliate community, It is like little pieces of diamonds being thrown out for me to catch and use. I have slowly gone through brick by brick and reconstructed the website. It is still far from where I want it to be.The Wealthy Affiliate comm
October 09, 2017
The weekend was spent in contemplation. This week starts with a whole new game plan.I started the Certification Course and was only going to start Boot Camp when the CC course was completed but last week, I started Boot Camp which I am thoroughly enjoyingI am impulsive by nature and been trying to get through the training too quickly. It is now a case of slow down - I am going to fast.To join Affiliates a well set up website with content is required - need to do that.The Boot Camp course requir
TO:- all who are part of Wealthy AffiliateCongratulations and thank you for creating this incredible opportunity. I look forward to the future plans you have in store, how exciting.Today I received my six month badge, which made my heart flutter. Of the six months, I have spent maybe a month on working at my Wealthy Affiliate venture. CHOOSING WHAT I NEED TO DOI have been able to put aside my training and focus on another role and five months down the line I have been able to pick up where I l
My situation has meant that Wealthy Affiliate training and business has been on hold, it could be a matter of six months before the situation changes and I can focus and continue the journey. Its contemplating the roles that are important in life and making decisions on what needs to be prioritized.For now my role as a Mum and Nana are the priority and the relationship takes precedence over my other options. I will not look back and say "I should have spent more time with them."HAVING SOMETHING