Operation Restore Website

Last Update: November 20, 2017

After learning to back up my website, rookie error, I managed to delete it. After recovering from a full blown panic, although Site Support would have assisted me in restoring it, I decided to rebuild.

Using information supplied by the multitude of Wealthy Affiliate community, It is like little pieces of diamonds being thrown out for me to catch and use. I have slowly gone through brick by brick and reconstructed the website. It is still far from where I want it to be.

The Wealthy Affiliate community are part of my business, the time spent investing and sharing their knowledge, which I can use to build an online business from the foundation up.

Our Nation has managed to be in the spotlight for a week now. Saturday was a day of euphoria, the ordinary citizens from all walks of life came together to show unity!

Now it is back to the trench's as It Is Not A Coup continues to roll out.

After contemplation I would like to share these points:-

  • LISTEN - Stop and listen
  • Be teachable - absorbing what people are saying (writing) and choosing what to implement is vital.
  • You reap what you sow - crime does not pay! Sooner or later it catches up and a life lived with lavish disregard to others will have consequences. Sow good seed and enjoy the reward.

I need to get busy with Black Friday and getting the website ready to launch properly.

Thank You Wealthy Affiliate community, Kyle and Carson for making this opportunity incredible and helping me build a successful business.

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ibnuhasan Premium
I just re-subscribe my premium membership, how to restore back my website?
TaniaHersel Premium
Hi, put a ticket in to Site Support they should be able to assist you.
ibnuhasan Premium
Thank you.
bpais1 Premium
I can just picture a well-placed "jaw drop" and, maybe a colorful word or two...when you realized what happened!

I empathize with you as I have experienced similar horrors!!!

But, do you know what? Recreating pages and posts...in my case...actually fostered much better content than the original. So, I am thinking that I was destined to improve my website subject matter by some all-knowing, unseen force that was trying to tell me to "make it better!"

And...it is...just as your new content will most likely exceed the quality of your original lost content.

TaniaHersel Premium
I learnt so much and yes, still working on the content I have already published. Thanks for your comment.
JohnProbert1 Premium
HiTaniia, Glad you are able to pick up the pieces albeit brick by brick. Well done

MKearns Premium
Write and compose Tania. that sums it up!
TaniaHersel Premium
Yes, busy at it. Thank you for all your contributions along the way.