Different Perspectives Learned From Personal Experience

Last Update: January 12, 2018

Building a new business from the ground up is a daunting experience.

The volume of information and learning is overwhelming.

I woke up this morning after a stimulating meeting, feeling that I had more questions than answers. My brain felt it had been on an ultra marathon.

It got me thinking about different perspectives learned from personal experience.

Put Things Into Perspective

The fact that I cannot tell my left from my right was brought to my attention when my children reached double digits in age and started making witty comments about my directional abilities. The children could run faster than me and I had to humour the comments.

My challenge of identifying left from right has never been a life changer for me. If you take directions from me, it could become a life changer for you!

Are there things in your life that are perceived to be issues but do not have any impact on your success?

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

My husband is from another planet and his mother tongue is not English.

It has taken me a fair length of time to realize that we communicate and perceive things in different ways.

We were both busy in the kitchen and he turned to me and asked "is there another one of these?" He had three different items in front of him.

He knew exactly what he had asked me and presumed I totally understood what it was.

Much can get lost in translation.

The conversation needed to be expanded to clarify what he meant.

Many disagreements have flowed under the bridge which could have been averted by exercising patience, tolerance and understanding.

Leveraging On Knowledge and Experience

The system set up by Wealthy Affiliate has a library of the community's knowledge and experience which is pooled and this enables members to leverage on each other.

Important Who You Keep Company With

To be successful keeping the right company is important.

For my business I need to have a plan, a goal and a vision. My schedule and a structure needs to be in place.

I need to follow the training and know who to learn from in a vast community

My personal experience is being used to guide me:-

  • with the company I keep
  • the knowledge I store and use
  • The questions I ask

This will help me with future success.

Do you consider different perspectives learned from personal experience?

Are you leveraging what is made available on the Wealth Affiliate platform?

Share your experience with me and drop a comment below.

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dhartert Premium
Hi Tania.
I agree. Many times a statement made by someone can be interpreted different ways. I see this all the time around me.

I try to be very careful with what I write (because there are no voice intonations or facial expressions to help the recipient understand my meaning).

Before I hit send or publish, I try to think of how what I have written may be interpreted.

You have some great tips, keep them coming!
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you for reading and it is great to know you got something out of it. Have a wonderful weekend.
Kvillafana1 Premium
Thank you for the lesson on perspectives. It is always a good thing to try to understand where other people are coming from before we make decisions.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thanks for reading it Kim. Enjoy your weekend.
Edi67 Premium
Thanks for this wonderful piece of writing. You are awesome Tania. Much blessings. Edi
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you! May you have a brilliant weekend.
DEversley Premium
Hi Tania. I believe you have nailed this one.

The greatest lessons of our lives come from both good and bad experiences. However, when making plans to succeed, we dump the negative and we focus on the positives.

What we have learned from the past becomes the fruit that we eat from, in order to possess the right attitudes that sustain ourselves in the future.

Be on your way to success! Leave the noise behind!

TaniaHersel Premium
Oh you are a master with words, that has filled my heart. Thank you!
DEversley Premium
You are welcome. That's what your post pulled out so it is all you.:)

Thanks for your kind words anyway.

CraigW315 Premium
I love hearing things from different perspectives because it lets me understand things better. It also lets me understand the other *person* better.

I understand about language; my wife is from the Philippines and when I first met her, she didn't always express herself in a way that I found clear. I used to tease her when she would ask me "do you want the other one, or the other one?" and I would respond that she was only giving me one choice....
TaniaHersel Premium
Thanks for dropping by Craig. Have a great weekend.