Perseverance, Do You Have It?

Last Update: January 06, 2022

Hello WA Friends,

I have come to a standstill again. I am struggling with writing headlines. I have no problem with writing the articles but am having difficulty coming up with eye-catching titles.

This got me thinking about Perseverance. Big word. But appropriate for the situation. You see my mom made the best Divinity Candy at Christmas. She didn't use a candy thermometer and she used a hand mixer.

I was determined to make the perfect divinity. Before I got my stand mixer, I would buy a powerful (i was hoping) hand mixer capable of making this delicious candy, every year, hoping that this was the one.

And every year it was a flop. I used a candy thermometer and my stand mixer when I finally got one. But it wasn't the tools, it was me!

You see, to make the perfect divinity you have to do 2 things. Make sure the candy syrup is cooked to the right temperature and that you do not under beat or overbeat the mixture.

I got the candy syrup to the right temperature but for some reason, I always ended up beating it too long. It would just crumble. Not the pillowy, soft, melt-in-your-mouth candy that it was supposed to be.

But with perseverance, I finally achieved my goal. There were so many batches that ended up in the trash. I would pause, rest, and ponder on it but I never gave up.

With Perseverance I did it!

So with Perseverance, I will conquer my current problem. I will do my searching, studying, reading, and asking questions, whatever I have to do. But I will persevere!

To make our dreams come true, we have to have perseverance. Do you have it?


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Newme202 Premium
Love the way you arrive at that positive outcome
Perseverance, determination and self confidence are be some of the most significant factors in achieving success
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Well done, Tai!

Perseverance is the key to ultimate success!

richardgb Premium
Hi Talanne
Every now and again I take a look through keywords that are being picked up from my articles and showing in GSC. I then take inspiration from those GSC keywords ... especially ones that I had not expected to be found in my article.
emarla Premium
So glad you conquered the candy making and now it’s time to conquer your current dilemma. I know you can conquer this too!

TaiNewkirk Premium
Hi Erlene,
Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I will.