Confusion Regarding Blogging Here At WA

Last Update: April 06, 2022

Good morning,

I read the rules regarding blogging here on the WA platform. My understanding is to blog about progress, successes, your journey, etc. But many blog about personal areas of their life.

To me, that is what blogging is about. Am I wrong?

Not everyone has success in the beginning. I am one of them. I struggle with writing content although I love to write. Make sense? Not to me.

I love reading all the tips regarding building your business but I also enjoy reading about your everyday life happenings.

Several months ago I read a blog about someone struggling with personal problems in their life. One of the comments was "What does this have to do with WA?" Personally, I thought the comment was rude.

I have not seen another blog from this person and this has bothered me for a while.

We all have struggles and sometimes it helps to talk or "blog" about it. Not everyone has someone to talk to and this is their way of letting go of their feelings,

Encouraging words from the WA community help.

I understand that not everyone wants to read about it. If you don't, that's fine but there is no need for hurtful comments.

Enough said!

On a lighter note, I want to add

Hey Joe, I got the mini cheesecakes done.

I hope you all have a great day!


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LDSewell Premium
Writers Write.

To be a better writer write more.

With that in mind and based on my own experiences anyone can write about pretty much anything they wish - and many do.

My thoughts on the offending part is this - some people are going to be offended just because you breathe or I breathe or they breathe themselves.

In other words, you can never please everyone - nor should you ever even try.

If anyone has a problem with what I write it is THEIR problem and it does NOT concern me even the slightest.

Having said that - I do realize most people do not have my "Aligator Skin" ; ) (read my former posts on "Becoming An Alligator" and it makes more sense.

My advice is that if someone is just rude ignore them. If they are abusive report them to WA. Otherwise WRITE, write, and write some more.

I enjoy reading about people's lives (also that IS part of their journey too) and about their pets, hobbies, interests, etc.

Have a great day and make it count my friend!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell
ThomasTay Premium
Yes, you are right.

Everyone should encourage to blog about their life experiences, encounters, joy and suffering.

By doing the blogging here, it helps them to write better and becoming more fluent in communicating their ideas with others.

Do give them your encouragement.

If you do not find anything meaningful to you, just ignore the article and read other post.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
There is no need for anyone to be rude on this platform. We are all on a journey. Some of are successful quickly and some aren't. If we can help someone then I feel we should. Great Post. I may have to grab some of the mini cheesecakes on the way out.
TaiNewkirk Premium
Hi Jerry, thank you for your reply. Help yourself to the cheesecakes.
I hope I didn't open a can of worms. The comment in my opinion was rude. Others may not have thought so.
EHR Premium Plus
I may abuse the rules at times. My thing is I need a place to practice. I have seen how people react to certain articles. This platform is a wonderful testing ground. What does that have to do with WA? WA is more than a bunch of businesspeople. True enough business should be our focus. But we are also people with joys and pains. Yes, sometimes I let my hair down. My struggle with my health bleeds over into my business at times. I am human, and so are all of us who write here. Sometimes my goofy side comes flying out. All someone has to do is leave me a personal message and I will back off. Business is a personal thing. Frustrations and fears are a part of that. So are triumphs. See ya' around the water cooler. Gene
TaiNewkirk Premium
Hi Gene, I tend to abuse rules at times myself. But I am usually hurting myself rather than others. I so appreciate your reply.
Point Me to the water cooler.😁
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for haring your thoughts and concerns here.

This is such a large community. Kyle and Carson must be challenged in monitoring how the rules "play out".

I do believe there are polite ways for people to express opinions to another person. Hopefully we can be the community to help each other.

Your mini cheese cake looks mighty good!
TaiNewkirk Premium
Hello, Thank you so much for your reply. I don't know why the comment to the blog I referred to bothered me so much. No, the blog had nothing to do with WA and was very personal and you could tell by her words that she was suffering and looking for comfort/encouragement.
I still believe if you can't say something nice than don't say anything at all.