I Create My First Instagram Account By My Laptop.

Last Update: September 03, 2019

Hello, I have some questions about the menus and I want to share about the Instagram.

1. The Menus or Widget?

Today I still set the menus and I need anyone to give me some advice. Will you?


I know I should write the content, but my attention now still on menus. I need a menu that I will fill with some pictures, maybe widget a gallery, but how to customize it? Can I have that kind menus? widget? or anything that can function like that.

I prefer to look for it in the discussion of class before I am asking, and now I need a fresh air, so I turn on the music, scroll down and click-click again, to read anything I interest, but that things still in my mind. So I just listen to my heart and I write this post.

After a few hours. Yes! I get the answer: How to inserting-images-into-posts-and-pages.

Step 1 – Placing your cursor
Step 2 – Click the Add Media button
Step 3 – Add or Select Your Image
Step 4 – Attachment Details
Step 5 – Attachment Display Settings
Image Alignment
Image Link
Image Size
Step 5 – Inserting the image


2. P interest and Instagram.

P interest always my choice. There's a lot of beautiful product pictures, but Instagram, I read in P interest, many post talk about it. . Hmm... I don't know. I usually see my kids open their Instagram to connect with their friends with phone cell, but after I join the Wealthy Affiliate, I think Instagram seems important too as the social media platform for share my posts at the time.

Coincidental I found Don's post blog about the tool in G - Chrome with incognito mode, so after I watch it, I try to can create my Instagram account for the very first time by my laptop. Awesome! Isn't it? If you want to try access your Instagram account by PC or Laptop, there's Don's link below, and thanks for the like.

All the best.

~ Sylvia ~

https://my.wealthy affiliate.com/training/did-you-know-that-y...

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Simiao5 Premium
Thanks for sharing on my opinion you don't need to create Facebook using WA profile, all you need you can have all these software separated whith WA then as from WA which links from your website you can add on your softwares, but for now go to Wealthyaffiliate.com read terms and conditions for how to use these softwares.
sylviayuchin Premium
Thank you, I appreciate it. Best wishes.