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May 30, 2020
Hi all! How are you? I wish you all the best.Lately, I have experimented with AMP for WP plugins, then I tested it with Google PageSpeed Insights, cell phone users: 76 and web users: 94.Extraordinary!And one day, I tried PWA for WP and AMP plugins, and fortunately I remembered to take a shoot screen and save as shown in the image below.But I don't like it for several reasons, and especially how my website looks on cellphone ..... ooh! Not too good. Punctuation and numbers are misplaced. Pretty
April 09, 2020
Hi everyone, how are you? I wish you all in good health, stay well, and safe. Today I opened the e-mail and got this question from a friend and I don't know the answer because of me not yet at that stage.Fairly, I'm a little frustrated with my "English" so people want to read my writing. I even thought about writing in my native language and letting translators do their work. Any suggestions? I need it.I am, after all still have to repeat my training. Apart from that I still do my routine job,
April 04, 2020
Hello everyone, How are you?I feel small and nothing when I read the world news talking about corona in my country. Even so, today 5 April 2020, I want to tell you a little about what I did during WFH. Not much I did, besides laundry, cooking, and doing office chores at home, I took the idea from P interest and started sewing without sewing machine. I tried making some face masks from cotton cloth to protect myself and my children when we went out to grocery. With face masks, we can leave the h
Helllo everyone! How are you? Like most of us, working at home was once my dream, but now when my regular work 7.15 - 3.30 became work that could be done from home, truly I had never imagined.The decision has began since corona's came as an issue. I don't know how I feel about this.I should be happy can work from home, but in reality, I'm tense with our situastion lately. Moreover, a few people didn't seem to be very aware of what we were facing. So much hoax news, which is unworthy anhumane,
Hai everyone, I'm back...not from a vacation, but from my regular job ;) and I can't tell you how much I miss you all, Wealthy Affiliate, I miss read your questions, stories, ideas and your great quotes or just say hello, and I think I need to begin from the first step again.My planning to keep write when I have a time will never happened, but tonight, I force myself to steal an hour of my sleeping time to write something on WA. Oh, tomorrow I will wake up lately. Lol! It's OK, because tomorrow
Hello everyone. Happy Saturday :) I'm glad to have a little time to write my longing for this community, because for the past 2 weeks, I really ran out of time with my work during the day. I opened my WA and found this amazing Banner, I immediately pinned it on my website, hoping my visitors would also be fascinated like me, and would click on it. Lol!!! Yes, this newest banner from wa is really cool. I like it. Do you like it too? I hope you all are well while reading this, thank you for a
Hi, I hope some helping.I just guess the answer but I'm not sure which I will choose as my primary promotional method or as secondary one. This is one of a question list when I had registration to become an affiliate.My site is https://workswithfun.com1) Primary promotional method: Email, Search Engine marketing, Loyalty/Reward, Coupon/Deals, Syndication/Blog Network, Mobile, Content, Shopping/Comparison, Social Media/Influencer, Service provider/Tools, Consumer Software/Technology, Incentiviz
Hi, I hope I will get helping to answer this question.How you do the research about something and find out it is a legit or a scam? is there any sources to support this research? How I know these sources can be trusted or not? Thank you so much.
Hi everyone, How to manage and monitor the update of the price's product that we review? I just wonder how if the price at the product "A" changing? If I don't know that changing, it will be different from the price that mentions in the review I write about that product "A" and it's not good to maintain the trust of my reader. While by that time my reviews product will add and more many. How should I handle it?Thank you so much for any help :)
September 21, 2019
How I Know If My Existing More Readable?I create a post about promote WA training as a bonus when anyone start a FREE Blog with WA. But I don't know it's readable or not. I don't dare to share my post to social media because it's need more posts and how I know if my post Readable?I don't have any comment. Please help me. Thank you.*My Post at