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Hello everyone. Happy Saturday :) I'm glad to have a little time to write my longing for this community, because for the past 2 weeks, I really ran out of time with my work during the day. I opened my WA and found this amazing Banner, I immediately pinned it on my website, hoping my visitors would also be fascinated like me, and would click on it. Lol!!! Yes, this newest banner from wa is really cool. I like it. Do you like it too? I hope you all are well while reading this, thank you for a
Hi, I hope some helping.I just guess the answer but I'm not sure which I will choose as my primary promotional method or as secondary one. This is one of a question list when I had registration to become an affiliate.My site is https://workswithfun.com1) Primary promotional method: Email, Search Engine marketing, Loyalty/Reward, Coupon/Deals, Syndication/Blog Network, Mobile, Content, Shopping/Comparison, Social Media/Influencer, Service provider/Tools, Consumer Software/Technology, Incentiviz
Hi, I hope I will get helping to answer this question.How you do the research about something and find out it is a legit or a scam? is there any sources to support this research? How I know these sources can be trusted or not? Thank you so much.
Hi everyone, How to manage and monitor the update of the price's product that we review? I just wonder how if the price at the product "A" changing? If I don't know that changing, it will be different from the price that mentions in the review I write about that product "A" and it's not good to maintain the trust of my reader. While by that time my reviews product will add and more many. How should I handle it?Thank you so much for any help :)
September 21, 2019
How I Know If My Existing More Readable?I create a post about promote WA training as a bonus when anyone start a FREE Blog with WA. But I don't know it's readable or not. I don't dare to share my post to social media because it's need more posts and how I know if my post Readable?I don't have any comment. Please help me. Thank you.*My Post at
Hello, I have some questions about the menus and I want to share about the Instagram.1. The Menus or Widget?Today I still set the menus and I need anyone to give me some advice. Will you? know I should write the content, but my attention now still on menus. I need a menu that I will fill with some pictures, maybe widget a gallery, but how to customize it? Can I have that kind menus? widget? or anything that can function like that.I prefer to look for it i
Yeaah! I'm Go On With Wealthy Affiliate.I'm excite, after finished my first class, I will GO ON with the Wealthy Affiliate. Yaaay! Dancing in the rain :D (Hei Louise, I hope you see this :D)I bet manything and try hard to keep Go On with this incredible community. Never give up! I believed there always success future, primarily with Wealthy Affiliate community, I wish I can reach my wish, and wish you luck too. Cheer!Warm Greeting,~ Sylvia Yu ~
Step with wondering,Read more and find out,It's such a kind of business art,Learning new things is the callenge,Watch the videos any times,click - click and click,Enjoy but seriouslly.write and delete, then write again,Welcome page and it's About me,So, what's on your mind? Go ahead and enter it.