Merry Christmas From Jessica and Pooch

Last Update: December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful friends around the world! Here is Pooch under the tree with the presents.

It is 3 AM and I am finally done with the tree set up and presents wrapped. Last minute shopping is done and food is ready to be made tomorrow. We will have a roast with my husband's recipe of worchestershire, garlic, whole grain mustard and sherry. We will also have fresh Alaskan crab curtosy of my Mom and her boyfriend who caught it fresh and will bring it to us. Asparagus and mashed potatoes are on the menu as well.

I hope you are having a great holiday with family and friends. It snowed again so we have an extra white Christmas.

Hopefully our sweet Goddaughter will be by with her Dad to get her presents tomorrow too.

Have a great day,


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FKelso Premium
Hey, dinner sounds great...wish I could be there to be the unexpected guest. Glad you had time to do your prep, Jessica. Enjoy the day!
MiaL Premium
Have a beautiful day Jessica. Merry Christmas to you all 😀
thelungdoc Premium
Sounds like you will have a wonderful Christmas - maybe a little sleep deprived.

Anyway, say hello to Pooch and Jessica for me and have a great New Year as well.

Mick18 Premium
Merry Christmas Jessica! Pooch is gorgeous!
LynneClay Premium
Merry Christmas to you too. I hope your day is awesome. The dinner menu sounds great. Enjoy it.