I Bought Another Domain after Years of Keyword Research! My Tips.

Last Update: September 17, 2019

As many of you know, I have two niche websites in pet health and human health. I have a few WA premium referrals even though I don't have a work from home website. I had some friends and family sign up and a few random referrals from social media as well. I really appreciate how easy it is for us to get referrals to WA!

I know I don't have time for a third website now but if I can get premium referrals without a website it should be easier WITH a website right! I won't have time to really focus on this third website but I want something up and running before Black Friday season so if WA has its annual Black Friday special again I will be ready! With Facebook cracking down on links more and more it seems smart to have a website built rather than post directly like I did in the past.

I don't post WA links on Facebook often. Usually just around Black Friday. I also post WA links on Twitter. Both of which have netted me a few referrals. I never know if and when I might get banned from social media (as their rules change) for doing that however so with a website in place it should be better.

I have been searching for the right domain name for over a year now (occasionally looking and saving lists of keywords) and finally found the perfect one tonight. I was about to give us and just pick one and then I stumbled on a keeper!

My Tips For Domain Names

I would highly recommend if you are considering domain names to keep these concepts in mind:

  • 1) Make sure it is understandable. No acronyms, abbreviations or misspellings unless they are commonly used in everyday language! Don't create your own abbreviation and expect anyone to know what it means.
  • 2) Make sure it is simple. Don't have a really long domain name that no one will remember!
  • 3) Make sure it is logical. The words should be in an order that makes sense.
  • 4) Keep it as short as possible. Fewer words is better in general. No one will remember something like "Ifoundthebestonlinejobandyoucantoo" as a domain name. Think of Amazon and Google, Yahoo and Bing, Apple and other big names. They are all one word! There aren't many long domain names that get popular.
  • 5) This is just my own preference I don't know if anyone else agrees but I think domain names are easier to read when the last letter of one word and the first letter of the next word are not both vowels. It seems harder to know where one word ends and the next begins when they are both vowels. "theoneonlineareana" for example.
  • 6) Make sure there are not other websites with very similar domain names. If someone has the .com, you probably should not get the .net! They might end up on the wrong site. Likewise, if someone already has "blah blah blah" you don't want to buy "the blah blah blah". I ran into this this evening. I thought I found a good domain name but someone else already had the same one with the word "the" in front. Too close for me.
  • 7) Make sure you aren't using a trademarked or copyrighted word. You cannot have words lilke "Amazon" in your domain name (or post titles) unless you want to risk getting sued by Amazon and having your affiliate account closed.

Your Post Titles are More Important Than Your Domain However

So, as you can see, it can take a while to find a perfect domain name. Of course the domain name is not as important as the titles you use in your posts. Regardless of what your domain name is, people will find your posts if you use good keywords in your titles. So don't get discouraged if you can't find a perfect domain name. If you can find one though it sure feels nice!

WA Makes Domain Name Selection Easy

I love using Jaaxy for keyword searches and when buying a domain name it is even better! I do a search for keywords when looking for domains in the same way I would looking for keywords for my posts. The difference is just the last step. Just click on the "Domain" field next to your keyword and it will show you which ones are available. I clicked on the .com and was taken straight to the Domains part of WA where you can instantly purchase that domain. It takes two seconds! Buying a domain at WA is much easier than buying it somewhere else and transferring it.

Onward and Upward!


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Socialbug766 Premium
Great idea. Good luck,
Swangirl Premium
Thank you!
klchang Premium
Thanks, Jessica, for sharing your way.
I like how you do it. It gives me some good idea.
All the best and success to you.
Swangirl Premium
Thank you. I am glad it helps.
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Jessica

Nice post😊

Also make sure your domain names can not be read as something else, like the word therapist‼️😊

Swangirl Premium
Good point!!! Thanks.
Mick18 Premium
Thanks, Jessica. That's excellent advice on choosing a domain name.

I purchased a new domain name a couple of months ago. When you find the perfect name you want to grab it fast.
Swangirl Premium
Yes! It is so exciting to finally find the perfect name.
skmorrow Premium
Let me know when you need some comments. I just bought another domain the other day too, and I know I don't have time LOL. My wife said she would help with this one...that deserves another LOL :)

I also have a WA site that has about 7 posts on it, I will get to it someday. I just keep plugging away on my main site and it keeps growing, slowly.

Best of luck Jessica. Take care.
Swangirl Premium
Thanks Steve! I have had this idea brewing for a long time and finally went for it. I started it on a SiteRubix site here but thought that was silly. I should just do it. It's not like the domains are expensive!