Good Grief. Two cars in the shop.

Last Update: December 31, 2019

Apperently being so busy I can hardly keep up, staying late at work, being sick this weekend and feeling broke all at the same time is not all we would have to deal with.

My husband happened to be at my building for training for his new job today. When he left his vehicle would not start. We tried jumping it to no avail. He tried things for hours and could not get it running. Luckily it was a little warmer at 30 degrees today but still cold in the dark and windy parking garage for hours when you are not dressed planning on being out working on your car. I felt bad for him. I had to call 8 towing companies and all of them said they could not fit in the parking garage. We ended up using the Jeep to tow it out of the garage. I was terrified of damaging the Jeep as it jerked and lurched and we tried to tow it smoothly spiraling down 5 stories.

The Jeep barely started this morning and was periodically shuddering and shaking and running rough. We got my husband's vehicle to the garage and when we get there the check engine ligtht which was on steadily started flashing (which means it is serious and you need to stop driving). We had my husband's vehicle towed all the way back to our town 15 miles away from downtown where we started so with both vehicles in the shop at least we are close.

So now both of us are going to be stuck 15-20 miles away from our jobs. We will be takign an Uber (I think) to get a rental car tomorrow. I have someone interested in looking at the apartment in town tomorrow too...and a TON of work due.

We have no idea how much it will cost to repair both vehicles at once or how long they will be out of commission. Good grief.

On the way out the tow truck driver said his check engine light popped on too! We wonder if there is a bad batch of gas around here.

Happy New Year...I hope you are all having a great holiday season and doing better than we are at the moment!


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CStauber Premium
Oh I am so sorry for your difficulties. I have been without a vehicle before but not during the cold weather months, always summer when I could walk to where I wanted to go. Maybe it won't take too long to get one up and going. I wish you luck.

Take care
MiaL Premium
Sorry to hear that Jessica. We will also be going in to 2020 in not as strong a financial position as we'd hoped. Life has this way of throwing curve balls at us quite regularly it seems.
Onwards and upwards though. I truly hope your year (and decade!) provides you with opportunities and abundance.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Jessica that's horrible! My works van was running rough when it started and after a mile driving, the engine light started flashing! I stopped and looked in the manual and it said engine misfiring!

There seems to be a GREMLIN in our midst causing all this mayhem! Hope you and your husband get it sorted out! Take a deep breath! This too shall pass!

For what it's worth--Happy 2020! 🐶🐶🐶
Tirolith Premium
Sad news but I hope the New year comes good for you in 65 minutes to the Australian New Year.

RAFStuart Premium

Hope that the New Year is an upturn in your fortunes.