Featured Snippet From Comment I Just Approved Today! Thanks WA!

Last Update: August 15, 2019

This is crazy. I have a featured snippet on Bing from my new post I just published this weekend. I was so excited to see this! I am pretty sure this is due to all the comments I have been getting on this post. Thanks everyone!

I typed in many variations on the keywords I used and found I have a featured snippet, #1 or #2 rank on most all of them.

The wildest part of all is that the last term I searched for revealed another featured snippet taken from a comment I just approved on my site this evening!!!

Here is another search showing my post ranked #1, above Jackson Galaxy's own site and Amazon. My cute tabby boy is in the featured image. The first two images in the image list are from my posts as well.

I am not promoting anything here. I am showing that you can get a position 0 rank (featured snippet) very quickly by following the training here at WA. Some of the SEO practices I follow include:

  • Always find great images relevant to the topic.
  • Always compress your images.
  • Always fill in the Alt Text, Description etc for images and do it correctly (Alt Text is not the place to put your keyword, it is the place to describe the image for the visually impaired). The Description can include your keyword.
  • Make post useful for readers and provide information, don't just sell.
  • Use internal links to your other posts.
  • Use Great, Low Competition Keywords in your post title (my titles are always an entire long tail keyword phrase).
  • Use Headings in your posts.
  • Get quality comments!!!!!!!!

Using these steps I have had many posts reach the Position 0, Featured Snippet rank. In this case these are all on Bing but I have had them on Google as well. A comment on my post that I just approved this evening was pulled by Bing as a featured snippet for a long tail keyword I didn't even focus on in the post. In just a few hours this comment became a snippet in position 0 so it is the first thing people see if they search for that term.

Go get some featured snippets!


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klchang Premium
Awesome, Jessica.
This also shows you are a diligent student of WA.
More good news coming from you.
All the best and thanks for sharing.
Swangirl Premium
Thank you very much!
StratosK Premium
Another great post Jessica. Keep it strong!
Swangirl Premium
Thank you very much.
DaveSw Premium
Congrats! :)
Swangirl Premium
Thank you Dave! How are you doing?
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Jessica...

Doing well, thanks and hope the same for you and hubby...I am taking supplements and have changed up my diet to include more foods that fight any kind of disease, and etc. so all is good and I am very positive about the whole health thing!

It sounds like things are going well for you too, that is nice to hear/read! You have been at this for a while now, it all is cumulative and works! You take care and have a great rest of Summer! Both of you stay safe up there, it's a hot one this year...

Dave : )
Swangirl Premium
I am glad you are taking care of yourself Dave.

Yes, it has been incredibly hot. Tons of wildfires. We were over the worst of them but they popped back up this weekend since it has been so dry and now we have wind. My Mom could not drive up here since the highway to the south was closed due to one fire and my husband's parents are just a few miles from an evacuation zone due to another fire that has closed the highway to the north. We had several small fires just pop up within a mile or two of us here as well.

I won't mind cooler weather since we will have clean air again without smoke.
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Jessica,

That is awesome. .
You are the girl to learn from for featured snippets for sure. It's great to know that sitecomments can hold a lot of power also.

I never realised a comment could become a snippet.
The bullet list you have done also is essential. What a fabulous post.

Thank you Jessica.
Debs :)
Swangirl Premium
Thank you Debs!

I have seen where my post description was pulled from a comment (much to my dismay since it was a very confusing comment) but I have not seen a snippet pulled from a comment before.

You learn something new everyday here!

StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the helpful post.
Swangirl Premium
You are welcome.