$500 already in 2020, $300 in first 11 days of March

Last Update: March 12, 2020

If you have any doubt you can make money with a website utilizing organic traffic, I am here to show you it works! I have made $500 so far in 2020 and $300 in the first 11 days of March alone. These are all Amazon commissions. I have some WA commissions too but I am just looking at Amazon earning from my niche sites here.

My record sales for a month was $64 until 2 months ago. I made $141 in February as this sales train started to take off. I have made $299 in March as of yesterday but there are many items sold that have not shipped yet. You don't get paid until they ship. That means I have a lot of earning still to come from items already sold as well as new sales every day.

My traffic is absolutly through the roof! I had 679 visitors to my small site (my second site that has been getting the bulk of these sales) today and it is not even 6 PM yet! I will break 700 visitors today!!! That is insane! I had 638 yesterday and 400 some in the few days prior to that. The week before it was 300 some per day.

The commissions are small since it is Amazon but I am still making a decent profit at this point and this has become a real business! I never would have guessed 2 months ago that I would be getting 20 some to 50 some sales every single day in March. I have 3 days with over 50 sales in the last 2 weeks!

Now if you have not been following my progress here, there is a good reason for this dramatic uptick in traffic and sales. I was positioned at the right place when coronavirus news struck. I already reviewed supplements that can boost immunity and when I learned these supplements can help fight the new coronavirus I added some new posts. I had no idea it would take off to this degree. I am careful to state I am not a doctor. I explain that no one knows exactly what will work on this coronavirus because it is so new. I cite many scientific and clinical studies that show how each supplement works and how each one has been shown to work against other coronaviruses like SARS etc. and how they should work on this coronavirus due to the way it gains access to our cells. For example this coronavirus like others has a lipid coating that surrounds and protects it. Supplements that can break through that lipid coating can harm the virus but not our cells that do not have a lipid coating. They have been tested and found effective against SARS, avian influenza and other drug resistant infections like MRSA (which is a bacteria not a virus).

I make sure to cite studies with live links so people can read these studies for themselves and make their own decisions. In any case, I never knew this would explode the way it has!

Because I have Amazon links, once people get to Amazon through my links if they buy toilet paper, groceries, cleaning supplies or anything else I get a commission. I have had many sales of food items and other basics as well as tons of supplements. I also have sales from my pet site as well since all my earnings from both websites are combined into one affiliate account.

If I had not learned how to write content to get organic searchers to my site none of this would have been possible however. The vast majority of this traffic is from organic searches and the biggest share is from Bing. Google used to be my biggest single source of traffic but now due to Googles new rules it has switched to Bing.

I am not doing much on social media though some of my posts are getting shared. I do not have an email list. I don't pay for advertising. I don't use Google AdWords. This is all coming from posts I have ranked #1 on Bing and Yahoo. Great keywords and knowledge of SEO basics and valuable content that answers people's questions is all I need.

It is amazing to wake up every morning and see what sales I got overnight! It is great to check my sales before bed and see how much I made that day!

This is my first $200 month, my first $300 month and I am sure it will be my first $500 month asa well! With the items that ship today I will surpass my earning for all of 2019 in the first 2.5 months of 2020!

On a more serious note, schools are closing here, the university is stopping in-person classes, most gatherings are canceled, state offices are getting ready to close as well. We just got our first confirmed case of the new coronavirus here in Anchorage (also the first for the state of Alaska). It was a crew member on a cargo plane from Asia. That was exactly what I thougth would happen here since we are the second busiest cargo airport in the U.S. and all the cargo from China comes through here.

We had plenty of toilet paper on the shelves but I suppose that will change now. I have been trying to find rubbing alcohol (to use for disinfecting everything) for a week and can't. No hand santizer either of course.

Time to rush out and find toilet paper!

Onward and Upward,


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Thanks for the content tips!
As far as toilet paper goes....grocery stores won't be shut down so they will still get their usually deliveries.
And wash your hands often and stay away from the public in general for now. If we just keep to ourselves mostly for a few weeks, it should really curtail this virus.
Keep calm and wash your hands!
Have an Awesome Day!!
littlemama Premium Plus
Jessica!!!! This is so amazing for you! Congratulationssss!!!

Your site is really picking up traction now so your sales will continue to pour in. Look at what's pulling in that traffic and write more of those posts!!

I'm so excited for you girl! You so deserve this cuz you never gave up and you kept at it. :)

Can't wait to see how your March ends!
LenkaSophie Premium
That's awesome Jessica, you are an inspiration for me! I would love to just write something without the need to promote it actively, I'm not good at self promotion.
It shows when you do things the right way, it does pay off and bring the results. Happy for you!
TherapyJet Premium
Great news Jessica, I can only imagine how exciting this is for you. Well done for your hard work. I've been following your progress and you really have earned your success. Long may it continue.

Regarding the virus, it seems things are going to get a lot worse before we see any breakthrough. I live on a Greek island and although we have no confirmed cases, the schools are shut, gatherings have been cancelled and we have self-isolated.

However, holiday season is just around the corner so who knows what's going to happen. All we can do is be sensible and hope the authorities do what is necessary to keep us safe.

Thoughts and prayers to all.

Have a great day,
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Wow... very cool Jessica! Thank you for sharing your successes and I definitely have this bookmarked in my Success Stories.

I'm absolutely thrilled and happy for you. I know you've been working extremely hard and you certainly deserve to be earning money on your site.

Keep up the hard work and I look forward to reading more of your successes.