How much exactly is the black fri. special?

How much exactly is the black fri. special?

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Quick question...I have seen a lot of posts about the Black Friday special being $358.

I have paid $299 every Nov. 28th since 2016.

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Hi Suzi,

You're locked in to the $299 price. :)

Jay (magistudios)
WA Live Training Coach

Thanks, Jay:)

Still will be $299.

I think you'll be grandfathered into what you started with, $299

Great answers, Suzi! Great to see you! Hang in there!


Thank you, Jeff:) I appreciate that!

You're very welcome! 😎

You should be grandfathered at $299 (at least until the sun burns out) can check with Kyle to be sure.

Amen! I think the sun is going to burn out a lot quicker than we think:) Thank you, Joe:)

You're welcome

$395 and $795 for premium and premium plus

Thank you, Geoffrey:)

I don´t think that is right. Kyle has said it is always the same price and this is much higher.

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Why does my site say, "not secure?"

Why does my site say, "not secure?"

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Everything Wordpress

Hi WA Family:)

I have been revamping some of the content on my site today, and when I went in to see how it looked live, it now says, "Not Secure." My green padlock is go

Hey Suzi,

Have you checked with to see exactly what is causing this issue? See screen print below for results...

Thank you for checking! Actually, I didn’t know there was such a thing! Where do I go from here?

I actually checked each post on a different browser-Firefox, and they all checked out. It has something to do with Chrome, I’m thinking.

SS wants to put my site on a different server to correct the php problem. I’m totally confused.😳

Let them move your site Suzi, it will be to YOUR advantage. SiteSupport would NEVER recommend moving your site to another (better) server if it wasn't.

The website to check your website out at is shown in the screen print above. All you have to do is copy and paste the domain name shown, into your browser's address bar.

Thanks for your advice, Trish:)

I think it has to do with the SSL. It could also be that your internet protection program(Norton, McAfee) is not recognizing your new webpage or website. All the best!

Thank you:) My website is actually 4 years old! My site has been saying that I need to update my php, but I think that the SS guys will have to do that. I appreciate your help:)

Have you tried requesting help from site support?

Hope you get it sorted soon

Thank you:) Me, too!


It could be mixed content. You could contact site support!


... yes, Super Site Support! .... yea-ya! .... :)

Thank you, Jeffrey:) What is mixed content?

.... i think he meant to say text and images = mixed content ...

http and https, Suzi!


... hope your SSL is turned ON? ...

Hi Keishalina:)
Yes, my SSL is turned in. I thought it was something that I had done, but when I went in to check my entire site, there are two other posts that are showing as not secure.

I put a ticket in w/SS. I’m hoping they can figure it out! Thank you for responding!

hi Suzi .... sounds like you've taken the right steps to get your site rectify to 'secure!' ....

yes, ensure that you provide them with as much info. as possible, url, title/name of website(s), helpful screenshot(s), and the particulars in detail ..... plus check your images as well as sometimes it's the loading ...

also, last week or two ago, there was a security certificate issue with some sites ... hopefully all that's been rectified as well ...

all the best to you, Suzi, for continuing Big Success, cheerio ... :)

Yes, I read about the security issues. My site has been saying that I need to update the php? However, when I started reading the comments, it said that SS was taking care of it.

.... php is kept in service at the server level so it's best to advise Site Support to update it if needed .... normally, they're on top of this one ...

.... i think we're still on PHP 7.3.9 version...

They said that they will have to move my website to another server, and that it can take up to 24 hours to correct. I’m a little worried.😳

However, I’m sure they know what they’re doing....

... it's all ok ... they've helped me with mine some time ago ... same thing ... and plus, it was to also install the Kraken optimizer at the same time....

... so-o much to DO! .... and to keep on top of around here.... maybe need a team to just do site maintenance .... lol ... :)

I agree! I wish I could afford a personal assistant!

hahaha! .... love it! .... yes, a personal assistant to coordinate everything would be very helpful .... lol ..... great idea! ....

where can we find a good one?! .... :)

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How do I make my site secure for norton users?

How do I make my site secure for norton users?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi everyone:) I hope you are all having a great day!

I have a question...I have had Norton security on my computer for a while now, but I have recently noticed that when

hey hi Suzi --- site security can be a rather mind-boggling, complex technical thing ....

Just a couple of basic things to check:

1. SSL is turned ON for your site ;

2. check Site Health and ensure all the parameters are in good performance ....

3. if you have any unanswered questions and your site is hosted with Wealthy Affiliate, then, initiate a request and ask Site Support for their technical assistance .... other than that, best to check in with your host provider then and ensure that they have everything up-to-date for you at the server level ....

well, that's about it from me for now -- I must say WA Site Support is fantastic and right on the ball with fix-ups and queries....

hope it all works out well for you, cheerio ... :)

Hey there! Thank you so much for your help:) This Is actually a problem with trying to get my site verified with Norton. I’m still trying!

.... you're most welcome! .... if it's a service you need from Norton then of course, direct communication with their service or help desk might be of assistance for you ...all the best ... :)

Thank you:) Have a blessed day...

Hey Suzi,

There does not appear to be any training available here on WA, so here is a recent video created and published on YouTube that may provide you with the help you seek:

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you so much, Trish! I really appreciate the info:)

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Why am I not receiving wa email?

Why am I not receiving wa email?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi there:) I haven’t been receiving any WA emails since yesterday. I checked my settings, and everything looks good, so not sure what’s going on. Would you mind che

... it's all ok, Suzi ... hope it all works out well for you .. :)

Sorry! This was supposed to be for Site Support:(

How can I embed a youtube video wo other videos at end?

How can I embed a youtube video wo other videos at end?

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Video Marketing

Hi everyone:) I have spent 2 days literally going through the tutorials on WA about how to embed a youtube video. I have followed several different ones, but I'm still ending

Great question Suzi. Glad you got the right answer.
All the best,

Thank you, Wendi:). Blessings to you!

Thanks, Suzzi for floating this question. Something I must try!

I tried for 2 days, and thanks to Rich and Loes, I finally figured it out:). Something learned today l!

Thank you, Loes:). I must be missing something because I'm not seeing that box. When I click on "embed," it doesn't give me the opportunity to change anything.

I'll keep trying. Thank you for your help!

When you embed the video link
click only - Show video title and player actions unclick the others

Show suggested videos when the video finishes
Show player controls
Show video title and player actions
Enable privacy-enhanced mode

Thanks, Rich, but where are you seeing this!

scroll down a bit further and you will see it

Oh my gosh! It was there! I found it:). Thank you:). Now, I don't feel so stupid!

glad i could help

Thanks again:). I think I've got it down now:)

When you embed on youtube, the upper choice is
View featured videos after the video ends.
Uncheck this box

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