Yay.It Works!

Last Update: July 12, 2018

Ok, so I’m a little excited, lol. I just got my first referral. Or accepted invitation as the email said. I had skipped by the email earlier in the day because I was in a rush.

We are currently on our way to go camping for the weekend, and I was going through my emails on the way. I often do this task in the car because we live 40 minutes out of town.

Anyway, I had to reread it twice to realize what it meant, haha. Typical newbie reaction, right!

I can’t describe how good it feels. I’ve worked long and hard over these last 6-7 months. It’s so encouraging to know it works. I knew it would in my head, but until you get that first email, you don’t realize the bits of doubt creeping in.

A question for you all. This person got my initial welcome email, and then Kyle sent his welcome. How soon would you reach out to him again? I want to encourage, not be a pest.

Keeping this short and sweet. Just wanted to share my excitement.



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scottyb2good Premium
Hopefully I will follow after some of my other work in other websites. I wish to finish what I started in my W.A. site in bootcamp. Congrats ! ...............Scotty B ♫
suzieq Premium
I wish you the best!!
CoraMitchell Premium
Yay! Congrats! May your success continue !
jlclayton1 Premium
Congrats! Hoping that this referral is the first of many!

Hollshope Premium
What a wonderful bit of news to brighten you day!
suzieq Premium
Yupp it sure did!
chief14nj Premium
congratulations, i cannot answer question because i'm in the certification training but it's working for me also, have a blast camping, i love camping lol
suzieq Premium
Thanks!! It’s a hot weekend