Discouragement or Encouragement?

Last Update: March 15, 2018

This picture is how I'm feeling right now. LOL. It's amazing how a few statistics can bring your day up.

I was chatting with a friend from WA and caught myself complaining how hard I've been working on this site, and not seeing any traffic yet. She asked how my site trust was doing? I said..."what??". She laughed and directed me over to SiteRubix, then to the details about my site health. Wow. 100% in everything but trust. That was 80%. Didn't even realize that was there, haha.

But why am I not getting any traffic? It's so discouraging when you're working so hard.

After my little pity party, I went into Jaaxy to check out site rank. I knew that was there, but really never used it. I started typing in all the titles of my posts to check their ranking.

Very few came up at first, which didn't help my mood, but then VOILA!! One showed up in position 1. I couldn't believe my eyes! And yes, I reacted like the kids in the picture. Silly for a grandmother, eh?

After that first one, a few more showed up in various positions. Bing seems to favor me for some reason. Not too many of my 38 posts showed up in the first 10 pages, but a few. Enough to raise my spirits.

Some time later, I decided to make a choice. Am I going to let discouragement pull me down, or am I going to see these first few rankings as my road to success. I decided to choose the latter. No one ever promised it would happen overnight. No one even promised 6 months.

So for those of you who are just starting out, like me, hang in there. Don't give up when you feel discouraged. Take that feeling and let it push you harder. Get more determined. I truly believe it will happen for us all one day!

I choose to keep working hard, follow the training, and look forward to the day I can tell my husband he can quit his job!

As for you Eden, you're a God send!! Thanks so much for your advice and your friendship!



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edensbox Premium
Oh your welcome always! I am here for you and you know it! I am here for anyone who needs help or doesn't understand something. I am so happy this worked out for you Suz!!!
suzieq Premium
Thanks girl!! Glad you were there for my pity party lol
Memorylaneuk Premium
Congratulations and yes you should feel encouraged. There is no short cut to success when developing a long term business.
We all have those pity days or moments. I’ve had a couple myself this month too but there will always be signs we are moving forward if we look for them. Even better if one of our wonderful community shows us where to look.
Wishing you more success.
With Grace and Gratitude
suzieq Premium
It's amazing how many little things like this I didn't even realize were there...
StanleyLien Premium
Your doing great. I will get there too.
suzieq Premium
Yes you will!!
IngoJace Premium
That is a wonderful bit of news to have learned.
Congrats and thanx for sharing. Can't wait for such an experience.
suzieq Premium
If I can do it, anyone can!! lol
jlclayton1 Premium
Congrats on your #1 rank!