A shout out to marlynmac, a member here at Wealthy Affiliate who lent a helping hand tonight. Thank you so much for caring enough to respond to the question I asked in Chat.There truly is no better feeling than to know that you are never alone! At Wealthy Affiliate, I always confident that when I am in a bind, there is ALWAYS a member near by to lean a helping hand. The Support Team here at Weathly Affiliate is superb! You submit a support ticket and Bam, within minutes, they are on it and cont
Six Months already. Dang, time flies doesn't it. Although I don't have the time to dedicate the amount of hours at Wealthy Affiliate that I would like, I know that I have so many valuable tools at hand. The community in this platform is amazing! The training and education that is provided is unmeasured in this industry. Being a Business Owner Can Be Brutal! Starting your own online business, any business for that matter, can be brutal! Without education & a support system to back you up, d
Anyone else think that WA'S Live Chat pretty much sucks for getting help? I am not much of a "chat person" when I am working and studying, sorry.I thought the Live Chat at Wealthy Affiliate was designed to be a place to get some quick advice and guidance.You know, hop in, ask your question, get a few opinions or suggesstions, and be on your way (after thanking those who were willing to help). This has not been my experience and I am disappointed. As a Premium Member and paying for this extra fe
Wealthy Affiliate Is Amazing - And I Am GreatfulThank you Wealthy Affiliate CEO s Kyle & Carson, for the opportunity to learn, apply, and create some very awesome websites. Thank you to all the amazing and talented WA members who have helped me in one or another along this journey. The last couple of months I have been working on building three websites. I began all three of them on free siterubix websites that are hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate. It wasn't long after I had some frame w
December 31, 2018
Welcome The New YearI am ready to welcome the new year with open arms. Are you? So many dreams to persue, so many goals to strive to accomplish! What is a Resolution? I thought I wasn't going to make any New Year's resolutions this year. Hell, I never seem to keep them anyway. Humm perhaps that is why I have never reached any goals I plan to hit over the years. Then, I looked up the definition of "resolution". Decision, intent, intention, I always have that! But then I saw PLAN as a synonym. A
Woo Hoo, just took the plunge. I upgraded my Wealthy Affiliate Membership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No need to wait until the new year to set goals and get them into motion. It's like pushing a stalled car. You put it into neutural and begin pushing. At first the momentum is slow. Then you begin to pick up speed and the car is in motion. Setting goals is like that stalled car. The momentum is slower at first becuase you are crunching numbers, reflecting back over the year to see what worked and