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When you first sign up for WA, they tell you your ranking will improve up to 5x's if you complete setting up your account...picture and bio.How true! I've been a member for a month and a half but didn't complete the account set up until a day ago. Yesterday, my ranking was 832,418. Today it's 28,753!There's soooo much to learn and WA has such great lessons and tools! I feel like I'm drinking from a fire hydrant! The community at WA is amazing! Everyone is so helpful and supportive. Thank
June 01, 2017
It took me awhile, but I finally completed my profile. When I first signed up for WA I bought a couple domain names and set up an email account. Then I just put it all on the side burner since it's busy season at work. Well, if I'm not busy at work I'll be "busy" doing something else and I'll keep pushing this to the side. It's time for me to treat this as a business and not something I'll do when I have a few minutes.I'm happy to be a part of the WA community and look forward to not only s