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Last Update: August 01, 2018

So I find myself getting slightly frustrated with some of those close to me in regard to my new site. I am really treating this like a new direction and new career path, but they don't seem to genuinely take it seriously. They subtly try to push me in directions I don't want to go and remind me I'll have to go find a "real" job once my disability payments are gone. All I want to do is build this up so I have some independence and don't find myself in another job that causes me so much angst and aggravation that I get really sick again.

Am I being naive to think I can make any substantial income out of this as a newbie to affiliate marketing? I know everyone says to keep going, build your content and you will start to get ranked higher and get followers. I am doing all of that and regularly using all the marketing platforms to try to get new followers, but I feel like there has been very little return for the time I am putting in so far. I try to write a fun, enticing post to bring new people in everyday, but I am really feeling the frustration right now.

I haven't been able to close any sales and I am not even sure I am getting click throughs at all. I have been on the program for about a month and I am in Course 4 so I still have a little way to go. I have created about 12 articles or so. I will keep going, but I could really use some support from people who have gone all the way from the bottom to the top. It seems like most of the successful people I meet on here already had a solid foothold, like a marketing careers or successful business before they got here. I could use some benchmarks to hang onto so I know more clearly when to expect certain things - I wish there was some sort of basic timeline, even if it isn't in stone - to help give people realistic benchmarks along the way.

Instead, I find myself second guessing my niche, my marketing strategies, and even my overall content because I haven't seen the growth I want. I try to ask for feedback and comments pretty much daily. I have nothing with which to gauge whether everything is going to plan or if I am simply spinning my wheels. I am not even really getting much traffic from people who know me, let alone strangers.

Any sage advice is welcome....



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firstlearn Premium
Money doesn't come immediately Susanne. This is one of those projects where the constant work pays off.

As you become more adept at writing articles so more people will come to read what you have written.

JKulk1 Premium
You have done really well to be at level 4 at this stage. Just remember that to build a good business takes time. You will succeed. Never let doubters or negative people get to you. Jim
suwatts Premium
I have to remind myself to shut down any negative nellies running around my brain. thanks.
Carl9 Premium
I am fairly new at this to am only on level 2 of the lessons so can't help you to much. I am going to have to pay monthly for the premium as don't have the money to go yearly right now. I just keep doing my lessons and hoping like you it pays off.

/so keep pluging at it I'm sure we both will make it. I have heard that a year is what it might take to start making some money. I hope it isn't that long and that is all I can do is hope.
suwatts Premium
Thanks Carl. Best of luck on your endeavor as well.
EricaCrystal Premium
Great advice from Steve - it really does take time.

Also, check out this post from WA Make sure you are also writing lots of review and best-of posts.

and, if you have some spare time, see if your niche fits Pinterest. This is a great traffic booster and I'm getting sales through making nice pins of my review articles:)

Don't give up x
suwatts Premium
Hi Erica

Thanks for sharing this article - some really interesting strategies and ideas that I will certainly try to implement. I'm still not totally sure how my niche will play into them, but I will give it more thought tomorrow. I tried to sign up for Pinterest. I created an account and tried to log in but the page won't load, so I am not sure what i am doing wrong. I am on Twitter,Facebook and Google Plus. I greatly appreciate the encouragement. All the best
EricaCrystal Premium
No Worries:)

I should be making more money by now, but I slowed right down producing content, but in hindsight, I shouldn't have. And I should have more reviews on my site.

I know Kyle recommends focusing on one social media platform and usually FB - so try not to stretch yourself too thin, or you'll burn out.
I only mentioned Pinterest, as it's working for me and works for many others, but is niche dependent I think.

Good luck!
suwatts Premium
My only concern is that right now my niche center around providing advice and information that is helpful for people and I don't want my site to become just a bunch of best of lists. How have you managed that?
SteveCrozza Premium
Hi Suzanne,

As a beginner I found myself in the same position as you are now. People I knew were putting pressure on me to give up, saying it was not worthwhile.

Guess what, I gave up.

Guess what else, the niche I was in boomed 12 months later!

I am not saying I would have made money because that is an unknown, but at least if I had continued I would have been in with a chance.

That is the key, giving yourself a chance.

This business takes time, up to 12 months to get some sales going, others do it quicker, some slower. No firm targets though.

One month in and 12 posts is a good start, but you need to be doing this for a lot longer to get some traction.

Have faith in yourself, trust your instincts and don't give up like I did.

I am still kicking myself.

suwatts Premium
Thanks for your candid reply Steve, your story is a good cautionary tale and I will stick with it. Sorry you went through that frustration. I feel like my niche is pretty average, not too innovative, so I don't know if I will really break through. I just continued one with the first webpage I built. I realize in the grand scheme of things 12 articles does not a successful website make. Thanks for taking the time to reply.