24 cents to kick it off.

Last Update: August 08, 2018

A day ago I logged onto WA email and I had an email from one of my networks saying - "Now that you have made your first sale, do this" . I was baffled and quickly logged onto the network. There it was - 24 cents to my name! It may seem like a small thing and it is, but considering I have only been online for a month and four days, it made me smile. Hopefully it is a tiny step on a much larger journey to find a new life filled with happiness and freedom.

Have you had a first sale moment on WA - feel free to share below. It helps give us all a little more to look forward to.

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firstlearn Premium
You are going the right way.

Heidi9 Premium
Awesome feeling isn't it? It doesn't matter how much it is. It's just great to know that you did that yourself! Congratulations! Now don't go spend it all in one place.
MBroyles Premium
Yeah I made 160.00 my first sell and I was over the moon. It's slow, we keep it honest here at WA family so with that being said it does take a while, because there is so much to learn. I have learned the hard way you get out of it what you put into it. Just be patient and wait for it, because if you can spend a lot of time learning the business you will reap the rewards, and you have the best in the business training you.
suwatts Premium
$160, that is incredible! Congrats on your success. Yes I have a long way to go...a little motivation, and I do mean little, never hurts! Thanks for sharing
Sammy-B Premium
That's very encouraging, Susanne. And there is certainly more to come.
davehayes Premium
Wow, well done, thats a start. As they say from acorns, big trees grow