Last Update: May 02, 2018


So yesterday i have found out that i have been accepted for one of my affiliate programs I am now ready to add affilate links on one of my posts or I might create a new post.

I am so excited this is the first step for me I love it on here. I think it is a great place to share your thoughts & takes you away from just the every day things we all have to deal with . It is nearly midday here I am just taking an hour out to write this post until I go and make a couple of beds I can do things roughly when I want to as I am the boss! .Running your own business can be a very rewarding thing to do.

But in the future I would just like to run an online business & not a physical one as I do now. I am really enjoying connecting with people on here. Anyway I great day too day & I hope you all have a great day too.


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JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Sue, Great.
HowardJaros Premium
Congrats Susan! That's a good sign that your website was liked.

Press on . . .
DBeuscher Premium
That is awesome! Thanks for sharing the good news.
amyr2017 Premium
Well I will be the first to comment! Great news, and yes, this is the place to be for world-class training. I have learned so much since my time here at WA, more than I ever expected or anticipated, and you will, too. It takes time, but just stay with it...!