How To Expand An Idea Into A Full-Length Article

Last Update: February 05, 2018

Many a time, when we are all set to write our post in our website, we find ourselves struggling to get started, unable to write even the starting line. For hours, we sit in front of our computer, staring at the blank screen or doing other stuff, pretending we would stumble upon something that would magically break the inertia. We keep on procrastinating when we should have been in the final editing stages of our post. The glimmering of an idea is already there but somehow we are not able to carry it forward to make it more substantial that would enable us write a 2000-word post. Does this sound familiar?

Well, in my experience I have seen that the best way to get the resources for our article is here in our Wealthy Affiliate community itself. What you can do is write a post in your personal blog here on very much the same topic that is brewing in your mind. It need not be long, and a 600-word post would be enough. Do not take the middle path but take a stand in the views expressed in your writing and just publish. Write it in such a way that it whips up a debate or a discussion. I’m sure many of our friends here would chip in with their own views and counterviews on the idea expressed by you. Make sure that you reply back to the comments offered. There will surely be gems in the comments that could well give you the ideas for the post you were intending to write. And a 2000-word post will not be difficult by now. Neat, isn’t it?

By the way, always remember to write the final post in your business blog under a title different from the one you wrote here. Also, rephrase the sentences written here if you intend to write on the same topic. This is because your WA blog post would already have been indexed in Google and you could well be penalised for duplicate content! You know what I mean? Keep rocking!

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MarkBa Premium
Great idea!

Memorylaneuk Premium
Great ideas here. Sometimes a blog post here in WA can be expanded into a website blog post. I still have no idea what my next blogpost will be.... well actually I do because it is already written but don't want to publish yet. Don't want Google thinking I post every day !
However what comes next... who knows? but I trust in intuition and know that the next post will be inspired by something I have read here or on other blogs. It not a very practical method I know but it works for me. My last two posts have had more visitors than any previous ones and they were inspired by what other bloggers/ website owners were struggling with.
With Grace and Gratitude
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Great idea!!! Sukumarth.

Tried and true

ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks for sharing your idea Sukumar. I hadn't thought about doing that but, as you say, comments can generate ideas to build on.
sukumarth Premium
Comments can be a great resource for our article. And when we get to hear opposing views expressed by the members on our blog post here, the better and more rounded our ideas will be :)
MKearns Premium
Great approach. I love to write that way Sukumar
sukumarth Premium
Our resources are already here. Isn't that so?