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Last Update: May 23, 2018

This showed up on my FB thread and I thought it was insightful.

It made me think of all the resources that we’re given here at WA. Kyle, Carson and Jay do a GREAT job of not only keeping us abreast of new requirements but they continue to make the platform better. Our job is to take advantage of the resources provided.

Just my thought..........................


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Loes Premium
Just great! I am going to republish the interviews, they are moving from my your.siterubix to the workathomefuture website, I will let you know when it's out there again, Debbi
Sui_generis Premium
That's great, Loes. You always provide the best information.
marmar463 Premium
You are absolutely right on that because those resources are going to help us grow our businesses and we all need to take advantage of those resources.
MKearns Premium
This is very true Debbi and it puts the spotlight on proper mentoring to show the way!
HowardJaros Premium
Amen to that, Debbie!
suzzziq Premium
So true, Debbi:)