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"It's a great day today!" :)Hello, WA! Today was a beautiful sunny winter's day and over this weekend I read a couple of inspirational blogs that helped boost to my spirits.Of late, I had not been making much progress on my websites and WA training due to being busy with other things and also being bogged down with some personal issues at home.But after reading some inspirational blogs, I picked myself up and managed to cover a few lessons today and will be working on publishing a few posts next
June 06, 2015
Hello, there! Did you like the title of my blog? ;)There's a thing or two I've been learning at WA... a few tips about blogging and much, much more...Sorry, if you had thought I was going to share some secrets about how to make more money online... why, that's what I'm here to learn as well... and as how some would put it, WA has you covered! :)A Success Post?Well, this isn't quite a success post either, although I did earn about $5 last week (my first commission since joining WA). It was fro
May 23, 2015
Hello WA,It's Sunday afternoon and I haven't been very productive. But I'm telling myself that's Ok since it's the weekend. :)I've already been with WA for 6 weeks... or should I say only?Just taking a break and sharing this post to remind myself... and maybe inspire someone else too.Have a wonderful Sunday and a productive week ahead!!~ Sue
May 10, 2015
A Mother's Day Gift for All Mothers! "This illustration looks expensive with that logo! According to the illustrator, the lady is moi (read you) while the umbrella is her security net! Coco had the most original quotes!" Image and caption courtesy of Nancy Tham (my cousin's wife)
If you have just joined Wealthy Affiliate, first I'd like to say hello and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!I am writing this blog to share some of my personal learnings during my first month at WA, some of which are actually lessons I learnt from my own mistakes in the hope that you will read on and not make the same mistakes as me.There are several other blogs written for newbies as well but in this blog, I'd like to discuss a few topics which I feel are important and hopefully be useful in making
It's close to a month since the day I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I can't remember exactly when but it was during my early days at WA that I first learnt about the Pay it Forward system at WA.Most if not all of us would have heard the phrase "pay it forward" before joining WA, but it's only after having been around long enough that I am beginning to understand its significance and what it really means.Having gone through a challenging and busy 4 weeks here I was beginning to feel disillusioned an
Hi everyone! :)It has been three weeks since I joined WA. I can say that I have discovered a "goldmine of information" (to borrow GrampaMike's words) and many wonderful gems within the WA community, Kyle and Carson included.I am truly grateful for all the help I received over the past weeks without which I most likely would have already given up trying to build my website: Thanks to Steph and Seth, I have already received 2 feedbacks for my website and a few more ki
April 19, 2015
As of yesterday, I had stuck around at WA for a very intense week. Midway, on Day 3, I was literally stuck in a niche I had created for myself! Kyle had said not to spend more than 10 minutes picking a niche but I didn't listen and spent 2 whole days looking all over the place, and finally ending up in the Affiliate Bootcamp. On Day 7, I had selected my domain name and joined as a Premium member. (After the first 3 days, I was already convinced that I would need all the training, resources an
April 13, 2015
End of Day 1: I received a great welcome to WA from several WA members and even Kyle and Carson, themselves. It was a nice feeling to sense the warmth of the people at WA community across the miles through cyberspace. Pleasantly surprised that I had 28 followers at the start of Day 2 and also discovered that my rank was 350013!! :0 Thank you all for following me and to everyone for your support and encouragement. I truly appreciate it! I hope that we will have a meaningful and fruitful r