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December 23, 2015
My first Christmas at WAChristmas is... ... one of my favorite times of the year. For me, it has always been a time for remembering special friends, sending and receiving greetings, and gatherings with my family and loved ones. ... a season of feasting, giving and good cheer.... a time of reflection, thanksgiving and hope.In my part of the world, I will be experiencing a sweltering 34 deg C Christmas Day in our summer weather... but can only dream of a white Christmas. :)Sending You Warm Wish
Hi there! :)After blogging last week that I will miss you, I have still been hanging around, reluctant to leave.I thought I'd just ask a couple more questions, read a few more blogs, send a few more PMs, make a few more comments and help answer a few more questions...You have all been really great with your responses, support and encouragement.I have made some more new friends and a few new followers in WA and Google+.I know have not responded to everyone yet but I will when I am able to do so
Hello my WA Friends,Help needed to get organized!I've been wanting to organize my Google+ Circles and there was never a good time for me to get down to it.So what better time than now when it's fresh in my mind after today's Webinar. ;)I have quite a number of WA members who connected with me on Google+. At first, I had been diligently checking back to find out if we are also connected on WA, and if not, I would then follow you in WA. But after a while, I just couldn't cope and sometimes, I
August 22, 2015
Dear WA Friends,I thought that last month had been a busy month for me, but it looks like the next 2 to 3 months will get even busier.I have been thoroughly enjoying the past 4 months spent here at WA but I'm afraid I will have to disappear for awhile.Will still try to work behind the scene whenever I can.Not even sure if anyone will miss me while I'm gone, but I will be missing you.Looking forward to being back with you again!Take care, everyone!
August 13, 2015
Hello my Wealthy Affiliate friends,Yesterday, 13 August 2015 was a special date for me to remember. :)It was my 4th month anniversary of joining WA and also the day that Kyle congratulated me on my first sale!Thank you to those of you who have already extended a warm welcome to my referral GinaHo. truth is that Gina was seated right next to me when in her own words she "decided to bite the bullet and launched into Premium membership". Gina was the one
August 08, 2015
Hello WA friends!No, it's not my 50th birthday! ;)Singapore's Golden JubileeToday is Singapore's National Day and this weekend, we are also celebrating her Golden Jubilee as an independent nation.Singapore is fondly aka the Little Red Dot, The Lion City and The Garden City.And I am back home visiting my family and friends to join in the celebrations taking place over a long weekend.Singapore Botanic GardensYesterday evening, I had a magical time at the Singapore Botanic Gardens celebrating SG50
Blogging can be hard work, especially for those of us who are still in the early phase of learning.Not only are we grappling with the technical skills of building our websites, but also trying to get the hang of blogging, let alone mastering the art.Do you ever feel tired at times and just don’t feel like blogging, in spite of people telling you that Content is King?Well, don’t fret…Extend the Life of Your ContentSome ways by which we can extend the life of our blog content is by diversify
July 11, 2015
Hello my WA friends!My 3 months are upHow time seems to fly past when you are busy or when you’re having fun, even more so when you have been BOTH busy as well as having fun!In the twinkling an eye, my first three month milestone in WA is now up.It’s time to confess how I have been spending my time here…And perhaps a little about what I’ve achieved. ;)About T.I.M.ET. is for TRAINING And gosh, have I received a TON of that! More than my 24/7 and limited brain cells can handle :0I have c
I have been trying to use Google+ for slightly over a month now.This time, I am blogging about myself getting a warning from Google+. ;)About a week ago, I received this e-mail from the Google+ Team:Dear Sue Tay,We've determined that your posts may be in violation of our User Content and Conduct Policy., including sending unwanted promotional or commercial content, or engaging in unwanted or mass solicitation, is not permitted.Contin
June 21, 2015
Hi WA,I just would like to share a little bit about my first week's experience on Google+Not even sure if it's appropriate but I didn't want the same thing to happen to anyone else from WA as I've seen the same person in some of your Google+ circles as well.Since my last blog post about my newly created Google+ account, my number of followers has increased substantially, but most were from fellow WA members. Being cautious, I had intentionally not been adding random persons I see on Google+.I c