Sorry, But I Really Have To Go For Now.

Last Update: August 29, 2015

Hi there! :)

After blogging last week that I will miss you, I have still been hanging around, reluctant to leave.

I thought I'd just ask a couple more questions, read a few more blogs, send a few more PMs, make a few more comments and help answer a few more questions...

You have all been really great with your responses, support and encouragement.

I have made some more new friends and a few new followers in WA and Google+.

I know have not responded to everyone yet but I will when I am able to do so.

So, please do forgive me if I have yet to give you a reply or return a follow as I really have to go for now... But I will be back...

Enjoy your Sunday and have a lovely week ahead!

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do not be too scarce now.
You know where we live.
LLiu Premium
Sue I have enjoyed your posts, and getting to know you...I look forward to when you come back. You take care, and see you soon. Lets stay in touch!!
LisB247 Premium
Sorry to see you go, Sue. I hope you will come back soon. :)
gappleby Premium
Like the image. That's pretty kool...and characterizes you very well.

mijareze Premium
Take care Sue!