Super frustrated at work today

Last Update: January 02, 2018
  • Original post: 12/18/2014
  • Revision to edit out curse words: 1/2/18. Lol.

*this is going to be a negative rant post, so reader beware*

Today was a crappy day at work, which could have been less crappy had I adopted a better attitude about it. In all honesty though, I'm so sick of my job I could scream. I literally feel like telling every single customer off every single day, even the ones who feign politeness. Do something about it you ask? I have been trying. I qualified on a test for a job as a wire technician at AT&T, but have not heard back about an interview. FML.


I work in a bakery, so I get nothing but idiotic questions from brain dead people who can't think for themselves. Technology has made us all so stupid that we can't even look up from our smartphones let alone use the minds God gave us to deduce even The SIMPLEST OF PROBLEMS.

For clarity's sake, here are some of the questions that I get asked regularly when I'm at work. I write them all down because I had this vision that one day I would make a comic strip out of the whole experience and then laugh at it. Oh and the format is as follows: What I want to say, followed by: (What I actually say)

-"Do you work here?" NO lady I just wear a hat, apron, and name tag with my name on it for the f of it.

*smiling* (I sure do!) :D :D :D

-"Is this the bakery?" No it's not, but there's a wonderland of baked goods sitting in front of your stupid fat face, and a HUGE BLOCK LETTER sign, IN 1000 point font that says "BAKERY" above your head.

*smiling* (IT SURE IS!) :D :D :D

-"How much are bagels?" Maybe if you would read the sign, in front of the BAGELS, that clearly states HOW MUCH, the bagels are, you would know.

*smiling and pointing to the effing sign* ($3.09 for 6, $3.99 for 9, BUHBYE NOW, hope you can find your way to the bathroom when you need to go) - wait i thought this was what you actually said? :P

-I'd like to order a cake. Well right there over yonder is a STACK OF CAKE ORDER FORMS, WITH A PEN.. right over there, you may have missed it though.. IT'S A GIANT CAKE ORDER FORM FILLER OUT STATION that PRACTICALLY JUMPS OUT AT YOU saying "Oh please FILL ME IN!

*smiling and pointing to the cake order forms* (You can fill out an order right over here ma'am)

-How do I unthaw bagels?

Lol wat.


These are just some quick examples of stuff that I get asked ON THE REGULAR. I could go on and on.

Anyway, today sucked, tomorrows my birthday. I was supposed to have the day off but my manager asked me to come in for a little while. Oh the joys of being a wage slave. I could have said no, but since he's really cool I agreed to it.

Woe is me, etc. etc.

Thanks for listening to me vent! I had to get that out.


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AndyJ Premium
Ahhh refreshing you read your blogs brother! LOL
I can't even type cause I'm still gigglin'.

Having spent a year or two in the customer service trenches myself, ya just never know what's going to come out of a customers mouth.

I've had days when I've just felt like sticking a pen in my eye to get relief from the verbal abuse!! And yes, it's always the best policy not to take advice from the "mind midget" and say what's really on your mind....ha,ha! Oh, and always turn your back before whispering f*ck you> frowns on the sort of thing.

Just treat YOURSELF to nice little birthday surprise when ya get off work.
It's a small thing but it will be oh so satisfyin!

Hang in there man...better days are comin'!


Geez, I'm still laughing....
StubearBlack Premium
Lol thanks Andy. New blog up. My birthday was up and down :)
mwilly Premium
It's okay to vent, "better out than in". And please don't hurt anybody.
StubearBlack Premium
Hey Mwilly, nope no violence here! :)
wininlife Premium
Interesting day you had and as others have said, sure hope your birthday goes so, so much better. I admire the respect you have for your boss; shows who you really are and want to be deep down. In closing, speaking of venting, I submitted a T-shirt quote to a guy on FB called Stockton Says, and the quote Stockton Says (was completed with) 'It's OK to Vent' which he is now using. lol To much better days ahead Stu, until you can walk into your own true and fulfilling purpose in life. :) :) :)
StubearBlack Premium
Hey bud, thanks for the kind words. Hope to keep in touch :)
StubearBlack Premium
Love the T-shirt idea. I need that lol
llopez Premium
Its okay to vent. We all have days like that. Try to have a better day on your birthday!
jazminf Premium
It's good to vent Stu, I can only imagine. Well Happy Birthday, Have a good time after work:)
StubearBlack Premium
Thanks jazmin! :) lol can't believe people read this stuff.
jazminf Premium
Yes we do lol:)