October '20 : $2,6K New Record

Last Update: November 26, 2020

Hello everyone,

For those that don't know me my name is Stratos and I have been in WA for almost 3 years now. My journey began in January of 2018 and you can check my previous posts to see how things have progressed for me over my time here.

In this post I will not speak about my history but instead I will focus on my future. Everyone needs a little encouraging especially if you just start and you either don't know what you are doing or if you have trouble getting off the ground with your website.

My last blog post was in June '20 when I made a new income record and you can read it in my profile. I said that I will write my next post once I manage to reach my next goal and that was set at $2.000 and I am happy to tell you that I managed to break it in October by far.

Below I am giving you how the income was split in that month.

Mediavine : $1.977

Amazon US : $557

Amazon UK : $59

Ebay : $9

Comission Junction : -


Total : $2.602

A few tips

I cannot stress you enough how important it is to follow the training here in WA and do exactly as they tell. No deviations, no fancy experimentations. When I started I told myself that I would do exactly as they say so in case I fail it would not be because I did something differently. This way I would know if it actually worked or not.

Also its extremely important to be patient. I know that when you read posts like these you are drooling over the keyboard and want to reach the same success as fast as possible. I was drooling also not much more than a year ago when I was just starting to get some traction and in no way I was making so much money as I do now. I was reading posts of some of the most successful and known members here and was thinking how it is possible to make so much money. I WANT THE SAME TOO!!! :)

There are many more things to say here but for me these two are the most important things to do. Follow the training to the letter and have patience. It took me 3 years to reach my success. It may take you the same or more depending on your writting, skills and niche but eventually you can do the same. Trust the TRAINING!!!

What about the future?

For me WA was my solution to my financial freedom. In my last 9-5 job I was miserable, unsatisfied and I was not rewarded for my hard work in addition to how bad my boss was behaving to me. With WA I found a future where I will not struggle anymore. And all my work show on the results I get every single month.

Is this the end of my journey? Hell no! In fact now is the moment where I have to work extra hard to keep the momentum I have. I have already set my next goal and that is to break the $3K barrier and to be honest at the moment of writting this post I am already on my way to do it this month (November) so expect a new post from me soon.

How can I start?

Reading this you probably thinking what you should do and how to start. For me the best thing I did my first year was to become a yearly member. It saved me an enormous ammount of money and helped me concentrate on my work without thinking of the monthly subscription. Everything else just fell into place after that. And with the Black Friday deal just upon us there is no better opportunity to become a premium member. The link below is your opportunity for your financial freedom. I did it 2 years ago and looking back now this was one of the best decisions I had ever made.


But even if you read this post after the Black Friday deal has passed it's still an amazing opportunity to go yearly as you still save a lot of money instead of paying a monthly subscription. The more you can save I guarantee you will show down the line when your income will start to increase. So click on the link below and get the ball rolling!



Well, I know that I may becoming a bit repetitive here but I could not close this post without once again thanking all the amazing people behind Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle, Carson and Jay you guys are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for creating such an amazing platform and for being so honest and so humane and down to earth. Your qualities are being shown by your actions and not by your words and the results speak for themselves. You helped me a lot with improving my life and I hope you will be healthy and strong to help other people also in the future. You will always have a special place in my heart even though we have never met personally.

Until next time I wish you all have a great time!


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Debbie46 Premium
Thanks for sharing StratosK. Your story is very inspiring. I wish you many more successes.
StratosK Premium
Thank you Debbie. I wish you the same.
JasonKang Premium
Impressive achievement.
Thank you for sharing your success story.
Wish you all the best in the future. :-)
StratosK Premium
Thank you very much. Wish you all the same!
JonLake Premium
Well done Stratos. Great work and a good example to all newcomers here at WA.
Too many people give up after only a few months, expecting this online journey to reward them with riches overnight.
You are a testament to the fact that it takes hard work and more importantly - patience!

Congrats and we wish you every success going forward.

Jon and Debbie
StratosK Premium
Exactly as you said. Thank you very much!
HAP33 Premium
I am so impressed
StratosK Premium
KeyToSuccess Premium
HI Stratos,
Congratulations on achieving your goal! Thank you for sharing. Your story is very motivational and proof that it is working.
Your tips has got lots of value.
Continue to your success!
StratosK Premium
Thank you Haly. Much appreciated.