One Post Per Day For The Last 6 Months

Last Update: December 01, 2019

Dear Friends,

I am happy to share that I am writing one post per day since 1st of June 2019 on my website. So writing and publishing one post per day for the last 6 months.

Yes, my traffic has increased. To give you an example, before June I used to get 3-5 organic searches on a daily basis and now it's 35-45 organic searches per day. I got a few sales as well. However,

One of my WA friend said the results are not impressive compared to the effort. I agree and I need to improve a lot and work harder... The mistake is on my side only...

Some Lessons Learned

Last 6 months (183 days) I wrote 125 review posts and 58 informational post. Review posts ranked better than normal posts. (yes many WA Legends already informed it so write more review posts)

Most of my reviews are for warrior plus products.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Change In The Plan

From December I am planning to increase the number posts. Planning to write 40 posts per month for the next six months.
As Dylan said I am going to write reviews on MLM products and survey sites (going to mix it up).

The Major Key To Your Better Future Is You! - Jim Rohn

Want to be wealthy and happy in your life?

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. - Jim Rohn

Your Friend,


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EdwinBernard Premium
Paul, firstly, congrats in maintaining this rigorous activity of writing one post a day. Secondly, thanks immensely for sharing your results. And thirdly, the biggest thanks for informing us that review posts generate more traffic than the others.

This is going to help your readers significantly.

Keep up the focused work. Your sales are going to rise significantly because you’re making changes based on your results.


StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot dear friend and GOD bless!
greygoodz Premium
Paul..I have looked at your blog and it looks great as is your content. Sites take around 9 months to show traffic of any kind of interest and you are already increasing, so I would say as your site is only 6 months old then you are on track. Also, you are writing and posting a lot and that is great too..keep going pal.
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for taking time to visit my site and thanks for the encouraging words. GOD Bless!
JMarabello Premium
Your enthusiasm and dedication is Unstoppable! I love it! Perhaps a shift in gear would be more effective though. I am no expert, but the experts always say, "Work smarter, Not harder." If your results aren't reflecting the effort, then cranking out more of the same is unlikely to produce better results. Do you have any way of tracking which of your posts brought in more traffic? Or which may be bringing in the right type of traffic and which may be attracting dud traffic. Then you could see what is working better and what isn't and work on writing more effective content rather than just more of the same.

Again though, I truly admire your dedication and look forward to hearing of more of your successes. Keep up the hard work, I know you will succeed in your endeavors.
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the great advice. To be honest, I am not tracking any of my results.

Some times people ask me doubts on my blog post and email me. I will reply to them and when I see them as my referral I know from which review post they came.

Apart from that I don't have any specific tracking and I am going to work on it. Thanks a lot for the helpful insights!
JMarabello Premium
Anytime, there are so many helpful people here, I feel obligated to at least try to share my knowledge, regardless of specific experience. Some principals apply to all situations and that is the heart of critical thinking.
Best of luck.
StPaul Premium
True! Thanks again and much success!
neilc Premium
That's a tremendous effort. Well Done, Paul!

BUT your buddy is right, you should be seeing a MUCH bigger return on your effort, as so should I.

My bootcamp blog is 2 years old with 372 posts (mostly reviews) and I rarely get over 80 organic per day. Yesterday my site got just 27 visitors from Google. Can you believe that?!

As a result, I earn a pittance from the site which I'm unhappy about considering the effort. It should be a FULL-TIME income by now.

As I've now discovered, if your site is off point in terms of SEO, writing the wrong reviews, and also ones that produce little to no traffic, we won't get very far.

But thanks to Ian Pribyl he's helped to put me on the right track and understand a few things.

First of all, I recommend installing Yoast because it will pinpoint your SEO mistakes. Much better than All In One SEO.

(Just don't forget to export your current SEO plugin data before making the switch).

Secondly, ensure your post images have alt tags. If not, it will affect your rankings and domain/page authority. (I learned the hard way lol).

Thirdly, make your reviews niche specific to attract "qualified traffic".

If your niche is "affiliate marketing", dont write about bitcoin, surveys, mlm - basically every money making method under the sun. Yeah, you might make sales promoting that stuff. But the quality of your WA referrals will be crap.

Since following Ian's guidance, I've started another new bootcamp blog with over 70 posts and it's already looking more promising than the one with 372 posts lol.

The bottom line: You can write all the posts in the world, but it's pointless if the technical aspect of your site is off balance.

So start going through your posts and look for SEO mistakes to fix because they will be there.
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for your continuous support!

Just 27 visitors from Google is really disappointing for 372 posts.

Hearing great things about Yoast and since in the WA training and SAC training Coach Kyle using All In SEO I am keeping it for following the training with ease.

May I ask... By changing to Yoast will my theme, settings, pop-up, side widgets, etc will change?

Is Ian Pribyl with WA I am not able to find any username with Ian Pribyl (just wanted to follow him).

Yes I have alt tags on my images and following our trainer Jays Blog post checklist.

As per your advice going to go through all my old posts and update it.

I believe I need to work more on your third advice - make your reviews niche specific to attract "qualified traffic".

May I ask...

I am on MMO niche. I write product reviews on make money online products (Warrior Plus, ClickBank, JVZoo products). Now I decided to write reviews on MLM and Survey sites.

Since you said don't write about bitcoin, surveys, mlm. May I ask you to provide some examples on the types of reviews I need to write.

Thanks again for your valuable advice!

GOD Bless!
neilc Premium
No problem, Paul!

Yeah, Yoast is Brill. So glad I made the switch. As far as I know, it doesn't affect your template, etc.

Hmm, unless Ian's no longer a WA member. But you can find him on Facebook.

Although some Clickbank, JVZoo & WarriorPlus product reviews can drive little traffic, there are some that can generate good traffic daily.

If you're in the affiliate marketing niche, you should do reviews specifically on affiliate marketing money making products. Your WA referrals will be a higher quality.

I've done reviews on Affilorama, Chris Farrell Membership, Affiliate Bootcamp, Super Affiliate System, 12 Minute Affiliate, Commission Hero, StealthD, The Lost Code, Profit 365, Income League, and so on.

And also other products for affiliate marketers like Instant Email Empire, WP Affiliate Machine, WP Video Machine, WP Autoranker, etc.

There are literally tons of these products in your niche.

But I've learned it's a waste of time doing reviews on GPT and home job opportunities, etc, because these folks aren't interested in affiliate marketing.
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the clarification and it's really helpful. I got helpful insights!

Oops! I did reviews on 20+ PTC & GPT sites.

I have done reviews on Affilorama, Chris Farrell Membership, 12 Minute Affiliate, Commission Hero, StealthD, Profit 365, and WP Affiliate Machine on your list.

Thanks for giving some examples now I am clear on it. Again thanks a lot dear friend it means a lot to me.
neilc Premium
No problem Paul, and that's great!

It may take longer to see decent traffic doing those kinds of reviews, but you're focusing on a particular niche in the MMO arena instead of several at the same time.

It may even help Google to better understand your site by sticking with affiliate marketing :)
StPaul Premium
I got it and going forward I will implement what I learned from you.

Thanks a lot for your help and I appreciate it!
mrschippy Premium
Hi Paul, I love that you have taken on board what someone said about your return vs effort. So is it worth going back over your posts and seeing which ones are making money/performing well? And then reviewing what is not working and perhaps, re-visiting these posts?

This is my own view (and I own it as such as people may/will disagree) but I see people pumping out post after post after post, hoping that at some point everything will click. There is sense in this to 'some' extent, but I have a site where I'm just hitting $1000 a month on Amazon and it only has about 40 posts so far. I get between 500-600 visits per day, on average. So if you're pushing 200 posts and getting 35-40 organic searches a day (if i've read that right), perhaps its's not more posts you need, but more focus on what is/is not working.

This is just my view, of course, but I don't think you need to work 'harder', - sounds like you're working incredibly hard already - more that perhaps you need to take stock of what you've done to date and see if anything can be re-worked to get more traffic/earn more revenue. Have you tried PInterest? It's a bit female focused admittedly, but I've found it can be a great way to get a boost in traffic when SEO has been bit slow on some posts. I wish you much success whatever you decide.

cld111 Premium
This is such great advice!

- Christina
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the valuable advice and I totally agree with you. I need to update my old contents and work on my conversions.

Yes, read great news about Pinterest I need to focus on it.