200 Posts In 200 Days

Last Update: December 20, 2019

Dear WA Family,

I am happy to inform you that on 17th December I have completed the milestone "200 Blog Posts In 200 Days – [One Post Per Day]".

By GODS grace I am planning to achieve my next target "250 posts in 250 days".

My posts counts per month... (On MY Website)

September (2018) - 8 Posts

Oct - 3

Nov - 1

Dec - 1

Jan (2019) - 3

Feb - 2

Mar - 0

Apr - 9

May - 10

Jun - 30

July - 31

August - 31

September - 30

October - 31

November - 30

December - 19 (Till 19th of December)

Since 1st of June 2019 I am writing one post per day on my site.

Your Friend,


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YumaBloggers Premium
Amazing progress. I need to be more prolific in my blogging in 2020. Sadly, bad habits, that have lead to me letting too much life get in the way. I just have not found my way back fully from my breakdown but yours is a fast track to 3 million monthly page views. Keep this pace and you can do in 5 years what took us nearly 9 to complete.

All you have to do is keep writing and scale-up. Learn to leverage your talents across the web with other blogs and publications and scale-up through leveraging other people's content and you will be a blogging superstar.

Andy Zeus Anderson
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the motivation and this means a lot to me! Let us make it happen!
thelungdoc Premium
That is a very impressive goal - and even more impressive that you have made your goal.

By now, since you have done this every day for so long, it is probably a habit - something you feel like you have to do to make the day feel right.

Great Job!

StPaul Premium
Thanks! Yes, Not only winning is a habit, writing is also a habit!
HenryPing Premium
Really a fantastic job Paul. We'll done and you are really really inspiring and gives us the encouragement by sharing you awesome work. You are definitely keeping up your super hard work and level with your consistency post. Wow wow.you are accountable for. Thanks for sharing.🎄🌲🎁🎉🤶🎅👏💪😁👌😊👍💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💪👆👏2020 will be your best to come your success. Merry Xmas and Happy New year.
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot and 2020 is going to be your year too, my friend.
LoneWolf83 Premium
Wow, that quite an accomplistment....You must be quite a writer!!

I won't ever be able to do that.....that's not saying I couldn't but it would take way more time than I could give it....I'm not able to put as much quality into my writing when I'm writing a ton or facing a goal like that......

But you gave yourself a goal and got it!! That's amazing!!
StPaul Premium
Thanks and everything is possible!
Joes946 Premium
That's fantastic!
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot!