Reached a few goal here at WA

Last Update: September 21, 2015

We'll I started WA about two weeks ago just wanting to make a few extra bucks on the side. As a 19 year old married guy its hard making money here in Tennessee. A few days ago I decided to go premium here to further advance in what can be my online business. I haven't made any revenue yet but I have nailed some other goals of mine lately. My seven day goal was to complete level one of the certification courses. That goal was finished day three easily. My 30 day goal was to make a website. That goal was done within my started membership but is now my own domain two days ago!! My 6 month goal is for my website to have 1000+ visitors. I'm not there yet but I know once my site gets indexed that'll be cake! Thanks everyone here at WA for your help and support!! :)

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electrobot Premium
Great job StormSheldon. Thanks for sharing your success experience. Keep it up!
StormSheldon Premium
Thanks for the comment! I sure will! :)