Are pop up banners worth using?

Are pop up banners worth using?

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I have noticed on a few sites that there are pop up banners that you need to close before you read a surfer these drive me nuts...are they effective or do they dri

My mood determines my reaction to them. If I am not in a goody and if I have a shotgun in my hand.........

haha good point Dick (◑‿◐)

I can personally tell you that although these pop up banners are EXTREMELY annoying, they DO NOT deter me from pushing the little x-button in the right hand corner of the pop-up and continuing to navigate through the site..however, rarely I have seen it continue to pop up,but when they do pop up several times before I have read one page, that's when I will leave the site. One last thing, these pop-ups are usually opt in forms for you to receive newsletters and/or other information about the site so you are now also a part of their email marketing campaign..IF THE SITE IS INTERESTING ENOUGH, THE PARTY WILL USUALLY OPT IN WITHOUT HAVING A BANNER CONSTANTLY SHOVED IN THEIR FACE, so having that pop up constantly interrupting your exploration of the site, could potentially cost that website owner a new customer.

agree with you for 110% some time sites i'm visiting and are very interesting i barely can find a sign in form. For others they are all over the place. But according to some big bloggers they do increase sign in rates. if you deciding to have one, you need to do very careful not to lose your current subscribers as well to test the best place to have those pop-ups.TEST TEST TEST. Personally im not there yet but still reading and learning about different thing.

thanks for your comments (◑‿◐)

I hate them..... It drives me nuts when I see them. I really hate the ones that pop up when your trying to leave. If I want to go, I want to go un-bothered. I usually wont return to sites that do this. It's way too pushy.

I see your point...there are those who have commented below who feel the opposite to what you feel hehe we are just never going to please everyone haha (◑‿◐)

You are right! There is no way to please everyone on this issue. People are going to have their preference. I think that most people just tolerate them (if they don't hate them like me). I don't know many people who love them. lol

I would go with Your feelings about them. If You don't like them at all, so don't implement them for now. Maybe You change Your mind later, but as for now, just leave them out. That's how I handle things I am thinking about...


go with your gut...perfect...thanks Kay (◑‿◐)

I don't mind the ones that pop up as your about to leave the page, this generally means your in for a discount.

and I mean, they are trying to leave your site...right?? so what not try and get one last hit in haha (◑‿◐)

Some people swear by them and the might help personally I find them annoying and will leave the site if it comes up too soon

good point Katie....I think Rufat has the perfect alternative just under this comment (◑‿◐)

yeah good point

yes, exit pop ups do help increase conversions

perfect...thanks for that (◑‿◐)

I'm fifty-fifty on this, Stevie. Sometimes you just click them away without being bothered to read what they're about - treating them like bothersome commercial ads. Sometimes you do have a closer look. And at times, and this is the worst case scenario, they make you dislike the whole site altogether, feeling like you're being pushed to act in a certain way. So I donna, I think it can be both good and bad.

haha sounds like you are as split about this as I am lol

I absolutely agree with you Tarja. Take a look what I wrote above ^.

It depends on where you place them. For example, the pop ups that can be added to a footer and slide upwards inobtrusively are okay.

Or there are pop ups that appear only when the visitor clicks to leave the site - exit pop ups. They can be effective.

Many people disable popups or use ad blockers. ~Jude

thanks for your comment Jude :)

Good question! I hate them so much that I personally would not like to add to what is already out there.... but again, are these what people actually make money on? Since I would not do to others what I would not like done to myself!! I would not use them .. But I too would love to know the answer to this one!

funny you said " I would not do to others what I would not like done to myself" I was thinking the same thing...and I also wonder if these are the people making money haha so your comment reflects all my own thoughts on's hoping we get a good answer!

What about having informative pop ups that are connected to your site .. A-ha ! This sounds a little more 'ethical' doesn't it??

it does indeed!

Yes!!! Not just a "Hhhuhumm..excuse me for butting in, but before you get the chance to decide whether or not this site is for you, of the least bit of interest, could you please hurry up and give us your personal information?" YES! GIVE me MORE information about your business before you ask for MY PERSONAL INFORMATION!

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Google not showing any shares from wa.what's the haps?

Google not showing any shares from wa.what's the haps?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

so I have shared a few WA blog posts to G+ and as soon as I post them they vanish...does anyone know why?

cloaker the link stevie we love WA but some others get a bit edgy about our wonderful platform .

thanks Alexander (◑‿◐) I appreciate the advice (◑‿◐)

See Will has answered it,, I just link from my site so I share one of my WA training etc from there

thanks Katie (◑‿◐)

Yes, I know the problem. Actually Google doesn't like any post with affiliate link embedded, and any WA post has your affiliate link embedded within it. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no way to escape Google axe: it cuts off...

sometimes Google can be such a buzz kill haha


interesting indeed (◑‿◐)

Great question steviedean as the answers/responses you've been given are helpful to the family. Hopefully, you have found the answers helpful for you. Sounds like you are moving along well. Keep up the good work!

thanks so much :)

Jetpack plugin is good, it will auto post to famous social sites when you published any post or pages on your website and there is no problem of vanishing. Lol.

I twitted a direct link to WA the other day using a caption but after doing it I realised it's probably better to directly to my site whereby readers can be taken to some content. Thinking about it wouldnt I sign up to something I new nothing about? I'd imagine that's why Google & FB see direct linking as spam.

Someone on this platform said facebook thinks WA is a scam.

thanks :)

If you try and share a WA link on face book it won't let you it's says suspicious link??

Great advice you two - thanks.

Naughty boy!

I was following the WA training...they are still telling people to post to G+ lol I blame Kyle! Ha! :p

Are you going to tell him or shall I?

he's all yours haha

Hang on mate, who made the Boo Boo?

the picture tells the full story ;) or

Chris is correct. I link directly to my website and I haven't had any problems. I have heard facebook doesn't care for WA, also so I just upload a post from my site and I don't mention Wealthy Affiliate.


Edward Mijarez

thanks kindly :)

G+ marks anything with a direct link to WA as spam. They will close your account if you keep linking directly to WA. You must link to your website.

thank you :)

could link shorteners come in handy in this situation?

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How many comments should I be aiming to get on my posts?

How many comments should I be aiming to get on my posts?

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Getting Started

There is sooooo much to do here lol...getting comments on my posts seems to be somewhat time many comments should I ideally be aiming for?

Featured Comment

The more the better is the rule. But if you are using up a lot of valuable time getting comments from here, using our comments exchange program, I personally only aim for 2 or 3. What you really want are posts/pages with such valuable, engaging content and alluring keywords that you are getting "real" comments from people who have found your site doing a search, enjoyed your post, and left you a comment. Those are indicative of true success on your site, and you cannot possibly have too many of those kinds of comments.

that makes perfect sense :) thanks :)

Great job for getting lots of comments on your blog. The more the better for SEO and ranking!

thank you :)

Hi Stevie, getting more comments for your pages is an excellent way to tell Google that your page/post is good. You should add Google analytic's to your page. Anyway you have a very blessed day my friend....bye....

thanks so much :)

There is something that I really like about you but just can't pinpoint it yet. You have a blessed day Stevie...and a great weekend.....bye....

The more, the better, however, you should keep an eye on the quality of the comments. They should always be relevant and an addition to your original article.

agreed...quality is of utmost importance

As larger your audience through consistent posting and updating gets, as more comments will come in.
It is always good to aim high, and deal with the flow after. A little like in Web-Design right. :D

sounds good to me :)

The more the merrier!

good philosophy hehe

Do you mean from here or your adoring public?

lol adoring public

Comments bring fresh text and new keywords, see from this perspective and the answer comes itself.

thanks for that :)

How many do you want?

it's more about, how many do I need?

Well there you go I've just given you two, be lucky...

I was speaking about comments on my blog, but your comments here are still warmly welcomed :) thank you :)

the more the better you know about the website comment system here? It is a sorta comment exchange system. Info should be in one of the training videos. Be on the look out.

I use the comments system, it's just very time consuming :)

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