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July 07, 2018
Hello to all my fellow WAers!I don't blog often on here as I prefer to dedicate all my blogging and writing time to my website. But yesterday was a special day for me and my website and it's something worth sharing with all you awesome people.I hit triple figures! That's £100 ($133) for me after 11 months of intense hard work and dedication. I thought I'd write this mainly for the benefit of newcomers on this amazing platform - as a reminder that WA WORKS IF YOU GIVE IT TIME AND PATIENCE.
May 02, 2018
That's me almost at the 1 year mark at WA and it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride!I've had more ups and downs than I ever expected but one thing is certain - it has been more than worth it and I can't wait to get started on my second year.I don't often blog here on WA but it's something I plan to do more of in the coming months. I try and focus most of my energy on my website and find that it's so easy to get caught up on the social side of this amazing platform.I started off a year ag
October 22, 2017
Today's the day. I've finally completed the certification course, this comes a few days after reaching the 6-month mark of being a premium member.I must say that I'm streaks ahead of where I was at the beginning of training, a true credit to Kyle and the amazing WA Community. :)Being 100% honest to everyone, I haven't actually made a penny yet. This doesn't bother me in the slightest because I know that day will come. My current focus is developing a user-friendly, easily navigable, HELPFUL web
September 07, 2017
After a slow start here at WA I can happily say that my progress has at least tripled in the last month or so.I have almost got 1000 page views on my website and am about to add my first affiliate link. I know I haven't earned anything yet but my goal is to have earned at least $500 before my birthday (March next year).I then aim to have ditched my full time job and be location independent by summer of next year.Realistic? Who knows, but what I do know is that having a goal PUMPS me full of det
June 07, 2017
I haven't been active on here for a while due to my full-time job during the day (which I'm dying to get out of), and spending all of my free time on my website.First, I want to thank WA again for providing all of us with this amazing opportunity. I haven't felt this motivated for a long time and it truly is down to this fantastic community, as well as the exquisite training provided by Kyle (not to mention Jay's unbelievable seminars).The number one thing I have learnt so far on my WA journey
So that's me completed the second course of the training!It's taken me approximately 6 weeks to get this far and I am loving every second of it. I love how clear and coherent everything is and how well set up it is for internet marketing beginners like myself.The toughest part for me has been getting familiar with wordpress and getting my posts to be even and not distorted by the addition of images and other material.Overall loving it so far and can't wait to get started on the third course!
May 14, 2017
Although still a bit hesitant, I decided to NOT THINK and TAKE ACTION in going yearly.It's done and now there is no going back. I have dedicated a year to WA and I am more than confident that this is the best decision I have ever made.I have been searching in the last couple of years for HOW I can have a location independent income/business and fulfil my dream of trying to visit every country in the world with no 9-5 job restrictions. For that, WA, I am truly grateful. I thank you and everybody
So, most of you will probably think that this is no-brainer but thought it was worth posting anyway. I've spent almost a month here on wealthy affiliate and, before I get charged the $49 for the next month, I'm still to make up my mind whether I'll just go ahead and buy the yearly membership.The only CON that really comes to mind about buying the yearly membership is that it's a fair chunk of money to pay in one go.Some of the PROS I can think of are:- Motivation to work extremely hard on my si
May 02, 2017
Delighted to say, after approx 3 weeks on WA, that I've already made my way into the top 1000. This was my first goal of many, look forward to seeing you all in the top 100 soon!
April 19, 2017
Is it possible to start writing a post on the website editor and save it without it actually being published? I've half finished a blog post and would like to come back to it later.Thanks,Stephen.