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January 17, 2017
I am thrilled to report that just a little bit after my first anniversary here at WA, my Judaica website has finally made it to page one of Google through a couple of different key word searches. Please check it out at: Thanks to all in this community who have answered questions and have helped me along the way. Couldn't have done it without you! This is an awesome group of people that we affiliate with here.
November 21, 2016
I'm happy to say that after being a WA member for 10 months (although I did have to take about a 3 month hiatus off) I finally generated my first major commission through one of the affiliates on my Judaica website.I have a had a few minimal commissions here and there, but this is the first "big one."I really do appreciate all my WA friends who have helped and encouraged me on my journey here at WA thus far. You guys are awesome! Great community.So, word of encouragement......DON'T GIVE UP!
I'm happy to report that I just concluded level 3 of the Certification training. There really is some excellent training material in all the levels and I have learned so much in the little over a month that I've been doing this.I am looking forward to level 4 where I'll be adding Social media plugs to my website. To those of you who have already been such a great help to me - thank you! Also be warned...prepare for a lot of questions as I plod through the next level!
February 04, 2016
Today officially begins my second month on WA and I am really enjoying this. The sky's the limit, or as our friend Buzz Lightyear would say, "To infinity and beyond."I also hit one of my first month goals this morning by getting into the top 200 rankings with a ranking of 195. So that's pretty coo, I think.During my first month I've met and interacted with a lot of awesome people here who have been a tremendous help to me. Thanks to all of you. I've also been building my first ever website
January 30, 2016
DA lot of people have written books, given motivational talks and offered their "expert " opinions on what they consider to be the "key to success." So I might as well throw in my 2 cents too.We live in a world and society where people want, and expect, instant gratification. People want what they want and they want it now! I've often seen the same thing when it comes to accomplishing something, or achieving success by reaching a goal. If it doesn't happen the first time they try, they quit. Fo
So this weekend brings me to the end of my first month on WA and I gotta tell you all that I'm loving it! This whole experience of learning so much new stuff and the great community that's here has been a blast. Thank you all for being part of this great adventure with me.In this first month, I have set up my website and gotten half way through level 3 of the Certification Courses. I have been able to set affiliate links into a couple of my posts and am looking forward to seeing them generat
January 24, 2016
I'm coming to the end of my level 2 Certification Course and one of the tasks in Lesson 10 is to let you know update you on my progress so far. So here it goes!Today I am entering into my 4th week on WA and am really enjoying the process very much. I'm not only enjoying my successes (as this type of thing is all new to me), but I'm also enjoying breaking through the frustration of being stuck in a certain area of the process and learning a lot of new cool stuff because of it.I have establishe
January 20, 2016
As I'm sure you're aware. the profound quote that I've used as the title for this blog did not originate with me, but it's true. People need each other. We are not designed to live in isolation. In fact living in isolation is not only lonely, it's unhealthy. People who isolate themselves from others do not thrive.Why am I saying this? Because people need to be around other people in order not only to survive, but to thrive, grow and succeed. Iron sharpens iron. We need other people aroun
January 14, 2016
If you're like me you have probably found yourself "hitting the wall" on more than one occasion as you move through the training and setting up your website. As you know that can REALLY be a frustrating experience. As someone who is new to online marketing and to pretty much everything I'm learning here at WA, I have "hit the wall" more than once.I hit it when I couldn't figure out how to move my Privacy Policy link from my main menu to a footer on the theme I'm using. I hit it in the beginn
Just want to say I finally got my website built today (seems like it took forever to find my niche). I utilized live chat, private messaging and the questions tab to ask a lot of questions during the process. The WA community was awesome! I was given a ton of good answers and help from so many. You guys rock!I really want to encourage newbies, like myself, to ask a lot of questions when you feel like you're stuck. I felt stuc and like I hit a wall for 2 days, but asking questions kept me from